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National Tequila Day IS Taco Tuesday July 24, 2018!


Classic combinations make for singular sensations.

Peanut butter and chocolate.

Lennon and McCartney.

National Tequila Day and Taco Tuesday.

This is a synchronicity too extraordinary to ignore. Whether you enjoy your tequila neat with soft tacos or in a margarita with hard shells, we think there are more winning mixtures to discover on this holiday meets weekly handheld food tradition.

So, we’re calling out our six favorite places in Music City to celebrate this dynamic duo anytime you crave this combination.


Six Spectacular Spots for Tacos and Tequila in Nashville!

  1. Rosepepper Cantina
Photo: @therospepper

Perhaps as well-known for their snarky signboard as their atomic margaritas, Rosepepper is an East Nashville staple for killer cocktails and delicious Mexican eats. Their expansive screened-in patio is a “cool” place to be, even in the summer heat!

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Suggested Combo: Mister C. Taquitos and a Jalapeno Margarita.


2. Bakersfield Nashville

This new addition to downtown has their own magic mix in mind – tacos, tequila and whiskey. This is still Nashville after all. With an array of tacos and over 100 tequilas and whiskeys to choose from, you’re sure to find a duo you dig.

Suggested Combo: Cochinita Pibil braised pork taco and a seasonal Cucumber Margarita.

Photo: @bakersfieldnash


3. Saint AƱejo

This hot spot in the Gulch has been “in the know” about the wonders of tequila and tacos for a while. They have a Tequila Tuesday special with half-priced tequila flights and 2 oz pours for the value of 1 oz each and every Tuesday.

Suggested Combo: Hot Chicken Tacos and the Anejo tequila flight.

Photo: @saintanejo


4. Bartaco

Feel transported to a coastal paradise in this bar and restaurant that anchors 12 South with it’s open concept and prime patio. Write down your own order and flag down your server with the on-table signage system for endless rounds of taco-tequila goodness.

Suggested Combo: Tuna Tatako in a lettuce wrap “shell” and a Smoke on the Water mezcal margarita.

Photo: @bartacolife


5. Taco Mamacita

Edgehill Village Fresh-Mex joint Taco Mamacita makes all their margaritas tall with crushed ice, so they’ve got our vote to consider for a fiesta. Situated near Vanderbilt and Music Row with a patio that spans the street corner, you can shop at the adjacent boutiques and grab a Legato Gelato for dessert afterwards.

Suggested Combo: Any 2-taco combination and The Elvez classic margarita.

Photo: @tacomamanash


6. Tequila Cowboy

Only in Nashville do country music, rock n’ roll and southern dining tango with tequila and tacos. Located on Broadway, this joint houses five venues under one roof and is all about live music and the party that ensues.

Suggested Combo: BBQ Nachos and a shot of Cuervo.

Photo: FB tequilacowboynashvilletn


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