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An Extra on the Set of NASHVILLE


They act sassy on set, but they’re quite sweet in real life.

Fellow Wannadoers,

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I apologize for not sharing any gathered wisdom and insights about our wonderful city by last night. I was otherwise occupied spending the majority of my yesterday as an extra on the set of what will become episode #7 of the new NASHVILLE TV series. (You’ll be able to see me in the background of at least three scenes when it airs, doing many idle tasks and pantomiming multiple conversations. You know, vital things.) I had the opportunity to meet and work alongside a good number of talented actors, extras, and crew members, and though I’m not one to be starstruck, I do have to admit that it was pretty cool to see these well-known actors as real people who exist elsewhere other than behind a screen. Also, I now have a much greater appreciation for the film industry, for I often stood there yesterday baffled by all the equipment, lingo, and organization of how films and series get made.

As part of my “acting contract” (ha, if it can even be called that), I was restricted from sneaking any pictures of the set or actors, and I am not allowed to blog much about it either. However, I think it is safe to say that my time as an extra on a nationally televised series was definitely a worthwhile life experience. If you’re interested in possibly being an extra yourself sometime in the future, stay tuned for future casting calls at Nashville Extras Facebook page. Also, you need to make a FREE account with On Location Casting to be eligible for extras work. For the locals, it’s an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

For those of you whom haven’t yet watched an episode, click the poster to get caught up. I don’t have cable TV, so I’m a week behind in watching the stories unfold, but my favorite part so far was when two of the supporting characters, Scarlett and Gunnar, did a beautiful and sultry rendition of “If I Didn’t Know Better” live at the Bluebird Cafe, a song originally written and performed by the two-time Grammy-Award-winning The Civil Wars. (Fun bit of trivia, The Civil Wars first met at a Nashville songwriters’ writing camp in 2008.) To watch that clip from the series, stare at the video below. (Warning, may contain a few pilot-plot spoilers.)


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