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Parents Are Raving About This Nashville Docudrama (Here’s Why)


OZ Arts Nashville continues to redefine the city’s cultural scene with profoundly creative, thought provoking performance art. The upcoming docu-drama, Wilderness, is no exception. This masterful two night production explores the struggles of coming of age and the eager efforts of parents to shepherd their children into adulthood. If you’ve ever been a teen or are raising one, this is a must see show. 

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Here are our three reasons to get to OZ Arts Nashville for this stunning performance.


wilderness show times


An Immersive Multimedia Experience

Docu-dramas are not always known for keeping viewers on the edges of their seats, but Wilderness brings together a realistic, raw experience that will stay with viewers long after the curtain drops. Brilliant onstage acting, dialogue and choreography combine. with sweeping musical scores and video landscapes to deliver what the New York Times describes as, “A terrific, moving new multimedia theatre piece.”


Based On Real Life Research

Anyone who has survived parenting teens and young adults will acknowledge the tightrope walk of supporting their children and letting them gain independence. Developed over two years through firsthand interviews and extensive field research, Wilderness sheds light on not only the struggle of young adult children, but also the determination of their parents to guide them through it.



Benefiting a Hugely Important Cause (31).gif

OZ Arts is partnering with Oasis Center Nashville to bring community awareness and promote outreach initiatives focused on mental health for youth. Wilderness depicts a stark, but inspiring vision of facing chaos with hope and perseverance.

Often, theatre is a light, entertaining escape from everyday life, but at its most powerful, it sheds light on the challenges we all face and encourages understanding and healing. En Garde Arts shows us that real, raw material can be important and beautiful as well.

Get your tickets now for Wilderness at OZ Arts on October 20 and 21 at 8:00 pm and October 22, at 2:00 pm.


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