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Pedigree Partners with Nashville Humane Society for Virtual Adoptions


Using Zoom or other virtual platforms to connect has become a new way of life.

Now, Pedigree and the Nashville Humane Society have teamed up to offer virtual adoptions through Zoom.

In a new campaign called “Dogs on Zoom,” PEDIGREE will host virtual dog adoption events where you can meet your future furry companions online, completely contact-free.

It’s a win-win situation. Every dog adopted during these virtual sessions PEDIGREE will cover the full adoption fee as well as the Zoom membership and equipment costs for the shelter.

To kick-off the event, they beginning the program in Nashville with the Nashville Humane Society. The program takes place May 11 – 13 each day at 5 pm.

Nashville Humane Society shared via Facebook a video of Mickey & Molly. For the latest adoption news, follow them on Facebook.

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