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Pepperfire is Moving to Marathon Village


Pepperfire Hot Chicken is on the move.

Via Facebook, the restaurant shared the news.

“We are very excited to announce that we are expanding to a brand-new location over in Marathon Village! The new Pepperfire will open in March at 1400 Jo Johnston Ave, and we’ll provide construction updates on our socials as they develop. The new location will have 1,500 square feet of dining area in the heart of the Marathon district, and we’re so excited to move in and start making y’all hot chicken!”

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In making the move, Pepperfire has closed their East Nashville location at 1000 Gallatin Avenue. But, you can still get your Pepperfire fix at Nissan Stadium and during some pop-up dinners the restaurant will host in the coming months, the restaurant said on Facebook.

There have been no updates yet on the exact opening date of the new location. Pepperfire did share they were anxious to get back to making hot chicken.

“A heartfelt thank you to all our patrons who have helped make this exciting move possible. We couldn’t do it without you, and we are eager to open this new space and get back to making y’all all the hot chicken, peppercheeses and southern sides you can dream of.”

Pepperfire Hot Chicken was founded by Isaac Beard and opened back in 2010. Beard created a spot that became a destination with features on the Travel Channel and sanctioned by the Hot Chicken coalition as one of Nashville’s six hot chicken providers.

For the latest updates, follow them on Facebook. 

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