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Peyton Manning Releases New Tennessee Bourbon


Peyton Manning, former NFL football player and University of Tennessee quarterback, is making news with a release of a Tennessee bourbon, reports Esquire.

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Manning, along with Andy Roddick, and Jim Nantz purchased a golf course titled Sweetens Cove just outside of Chattanooga in 2019.

The no frills golf course has no clubhouse or locker room but a simple Home Depot shed where a long-held tradition was created of taking a shot of bourbon before your round of golf. Over time, the shed housed a collection of bourbon and whiskey left behind from other players which led to an idea of creating their own.

With the help of master distiller Marianne Eaves, a limited edition of Sweetens Cove Bourbon will be released on May 26. Fourteen thousand bottles of the $200 bourbon will be released in Tennessee at 102.18 proof followed by a release in Georgia and other states. Tennessee residents can pre-order the bourbon here. 

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