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Pink Door Cookies Opens


When one Nashville pastry chef became jobless in 2020, a sweet shop idea was born.

Chef Matthew Rice, owner of Pastaria, found himself unemployed in March due to COVID.

In a Kickstarter, Rice, explained, “In March of this year, I found myself without a job for the first time in over 10 years. Restaurants were closing rapidly without anyone knowing how long this could last. I began to think creatively about how I could provide baked goods to people safely from home.”

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He continued, “Each week, I posted about what I would be offering and allowed orders with scheduled pickup times to ensure a contactless experience. The word of what I was doing quickly spread throughout social media and I found myself busy baking every day.”

The Kickstarter was successful taking Rice from at-home cookie hustle to now he has opened Pink Door Cookies at 321 Hart Street, Suite 309, Nashville, TN 37210.

From Pink Door Cookies Instagram, you can order cookies in either a dozen or half dozen to be picked up at the 160 square-foot location. Flavors of cookies include Banana milkshake, rainbow brownie, blueberry pancake, chocolate chip, cotton candy, and more.

And you can even order merchandise including a mug or pin.

Hours of operation are Tuesday – Sunday, noon – 6 pm.

For the latest updates, visit their Instagram.

Donna Vissman
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