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Radio Host Bobby Bones is Engaged


Local radio host and T.V. personality Bobby Bones is engaged

Via Instagram, Bones shared the news of how he popped the question to his girlfriend, Caitlin Parker, stating, “I am the luckiest. I waited so long for the right one. And it paid off. Surprised her with a secret proposal in the barn in the backyard. After she said yes, our song “nothing left to lose” by Mat Kearney was playing outside.”

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He continued, “And it was @matkearney playing it. She said it was at Mat’s concert during this song that she knew I was the one for her. So lucky he played it again for only us tonight. I’m so happy I get marry to love of my life.”

Bobby Bones is the host of The Bobby Bones Show on the Big 98, he is also currently filming for a new series on National Geographic called Breaking Bobby Bones to release in 2021 and on Monday, he announced he would return to American Idol as a mentor again this year.

For the latest updates, follow Mr Bobby Bones on Instagram.

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