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Regal Cinemas Announces Reopening


Regal Cinemas, the second-largest movie theater chain in the U.S., is reopening, with select theaters opening in April and May.

Nashville-area Regal Cinemas Reopening Dates:

Regal Cinemas Opry Mills – reopened April 2
Regal Cinemas at Green Hills – reopening May 7
Regal Cinemas Hollywood 27 at 100 Oaks – reopening May 7
Regal Cinemas of Indian Lake – reopening May 7
Regal Cinemas of Providence – reopening May 14

For the last almost six months, Regal kept their 549 U.S. theaters closed. Now with its reopening, it will be at a limited capacity of 25 – 50 percent. reports Associated Press. In addition to reopening Regal’s parent company, Cineworld announced it agreed to a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. where beginning next year studio releases will have a 45-day exclusive at Regal Cinemas.

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“We are very happy for the agreement with Warner Bros.” said Mooky Greidinger, chief executive of Cineworld to AP. “This agreement shows the studio’s commitment to the theatrical business and we see this agreement as an important milestone in our 100-year relationship with Warner Bros.”

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