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The 4 Best Nashville Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating



Hey mom and dads – we know trick or treating can be a gamble (you could have an overly aggressive Halloween-loving neighbor that will scare your kids like the vampire pictured above). First, you have to make sure your house is covered and stop by the store on your way home to pick up one million Tootsie Rolls. Then you have to round up your little ones and get them a costume that will be just right (ten to one odds they are going to want the sold-out-for-a-month Princess Elsa Frozen costume). Finally, you get the crew in tow, head to a neighborhood with your goodie bags, and hope you didn’t accidentally choose the one that gives out No. 2 pencils. Well, parents, we thought we’d do a little research to help you out this Hallow’s eve (oh, and we have ALL the Halloween events listed for you right here). Here are the 5 best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating:

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West Main Street


Franklin obviously has the beautiful and quaint downtown Main St. strip, boasting restaurants and festivals galore. If you keep going west on Main Street you’ll hit some of the most festive residential properties in the gorgeous Nashville suburb. The homeowners really get in the spirit and have TONS of candy for your tots – hundreds of families flock to the street every year, and the well of Snickers and Sour Patch Kids never runs dry. Bonus for the parents – the estates in this area will be fun to take a look at. Franklin has got it goin’ on.

West End



This is the neighborhood for the lovers of all things pumpkin. Why? The West End ‘boro has the famous Great Pumpkin Display tradition, putting out over 200 pumpkins for visitors and residents to enjoy. Great photo opps to be had here if you haven’t made it out to Gentry Farms for your annual kid-in-a-Halloween-costume-sitting-on-a-pumpkin photoshoot. Richland has got you. There’s tons of candy, it’s in a central location, and there are a bevy of sidewalks that make it safe for your little ones to roam!

East Nashville

Fatherland Street


East Nashville – the land of craftsmen/women. If you head to the East Nashville Fatherland Street strip, you’re kids are going to get some culture AND some candy to boot. Younger families will be doing Halloween maybe for the first time, so expect an abundance of enthusiasm and Halloween spirit. If your kids are diehard Halloween fans, take them here where their holiday spirit can be matched!


River Plantation


The well-to-do Nashville suburb of the west, Bellevue is home to plenty of lovely family homes. Expect friendly faces, the best candy money can buy (we’ve even seen some Godiva chocolates being handed out – you might want to bring your own bag, mom/dad!), and a lot of neighborhood festivities. This is a good place to go if you want to avoid the cross-town traffic that comes with the Halloween parties more central to West, Midtown, and East Nashville. This will be a cozy Halloween night with your family!


There you go, parents! We hope you have a fabulous Halloween and make some lasting memories with your kids (and get some super-cute pictures of them in pumpkin costumes that their middle school selves will probably try to destroy). For all things Nashville (kids/family events, live music, restaurant suggestions, and more), check out Wannado. We’ve got you covered!


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