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Wanna Eat Healthy? 5 Nutritious Nashville Restaurants


Ahh, the annual Halloween hangover.

No, we aren’t talking about donut-flavored vodka shots (though that will do a number on your system too, champ). We’re talking about your makeshift candy dinner. The first course started out innocently enough with a Twix appetizer, but before you knew it…it got out of hand. You may have woken up in a sea of bright orange King Size Reese’s wrappers and felt the pangs of Halloween-candy-binge guilt. Well, we’re coming to the rescue. Loosen that drawstring on your sweatpants (and don’t feel bad – it happens to the best of us). Here are 5 places to eat for lunch this Saturday that will cleanse your palette and get you on that healthy food track!

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The Wild Cow

This Vegan Food Will Put A Spring In Your Step


Small and cozy, Wild Cow brings out the earth-lovin’, vegan-eatin’ Nashville folks. At a busy intersection, this place can get crowded, so be ready to wait a bit! Try Wild Cow for a detox meal. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more energized! You HAVE to get the Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos. Or the Buffalo Grinder.

The Silly Goose

Get Silly With This A+ Couscous/Basil Lemonade Combo

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This healthy & trendy sandwich spot is in one of the most popular parts of East Nashville. Families and hipsters alike flock to this bright, cheery place for some nutritional eatin’ and their awesome basil lemonade! Great for meeting an old friend for a meal! Popular dishes: Lyle’s Surprise, King Kong Couscous.

Sunflower Cafe

Detox With A Simply Wonderful Vegan Menu


Like the hippie-flavored vegan restaurants of ‘yore, this place has the quality healthy living basics that were popular pre-quinoa, and attracts a pretty big crowd. Great atmosphere! A light Saturday afternoon lunch with your health-conscious tablemate is perfect for Sunflower. They have a killer Locally brewed Kombucha, Kale Salad, and Detox Bowl.

Calypso Cafe

A Healthy Caribbean Meal To Keep You Feelin’ Light


Affordable, casual, and homey, with tons of healthy options! Great for a quick lunch or dinner with a friend. Also, great for a post-workout meal, since the place is super casual and light! You HAVE to try the Black Bean Salad, get a Fruit Tea, and maybe a Calypso Bar (their Carribean-style take on the cookie bar).


A Proper Lebanese Meal In The 615


Epice offers a modern, simple, and cozy atmosphere. It’s the best for a catch-up meal with your friend who got separated early in the night on Halloween (they probably have a really good story to tell). The Lebanese eatery has tons of nutritious, protein-filled options.  Pro tip? Try the Epice salad, Swawarma wrap, and cilantro roasted potatoes.

So cleanse that palette, Nashville. You’ll be back to normal in no time (if you don’t indulge in leftover Halloween candy…but if you do, we won’t tell). To find all the things to do in Nashville, from Halloween parties to restaurant openings to 5ks, check out Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

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