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The 5 Types Of Concert Dancing (To Get You Ready For A Live Music-Packed Nashville Weekend)


Shake what your mama gave ya, Nashville.

It’s no secret that our city can cut a rug. Between the Nashville Ballet, swing meetups, the groovin’ that takes place on Motown Monday, and the #turndown4what attitudes you’ll experience at your local community center’s zumba class, we’ve got mad skills (and at least what skills we lack we make up for with enthusiasm). Nowhere is this more evident than an outdoor concert, where you can witness Nashvillians whip out their signature dance move in their natural habitat. Tonight is a particularly great night for groovin’/people watching…there are so many live music offerings it’s making our head spin! Make sure you browse Wannado to find the perfect concert experience to round out your action-packed fall weekend. Wanna know what kind of moves should you expect to see? We broke that down for you so you can be prepared. Here are the 5 types of concert dancing you’ll see tonight:

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The Enthusiastic Head Bob


Even if you are as straight-laced as Mark Cuban, this is a concert move you can totally pull off. You’ll see a lot of different versions of the head bob – closed eyes, hands in pockets, subtly mouthing words like Cuban (not the words to the song, mind you – we think he is mouthing something like “awahhhhhouuu” in the above image). Not too fancy but not too cool for school, this is the move you stick with when you might not know a ton of people but want to look like you’re having the appropriate amount of fun. A great transitional option too! You can start with the head bob and move into the step touch (but only when you feel ready – not a moment before).

The Backup Singer


Yeah, you might have paid to hear the vocal stylings of Hayes Carll, but that doesn’t mean the person next to you can’t throw in an extra performance for free. They really want you to know that they know every single word to “She Left Me For Jesus”, and if you’re really lucky, they’ll throw in some suhweeet harmonies (in the hopes that Carll might hear and invite them on tour). You can find them right in the middle of the crowd, magically where the acoustics are perfect and their voice will carry with the potency of a jackhammer. Yeah, it may overpower the sound a bit, but here’s the good news: your favorite artist loves it when people know their lyrics, and Nashville sound guys/gals are great at their jobs and will make sure you hear the person you came to see. And as for the backup singer, we’ve all been there. We understand.

The Shoulder Shimmy


When picking out your most impressive concert dance, one of the most important decisions you will make is…hips or shoulders. Or, if you’re John Travolta, ALWAYS both. In the upper body camp we have Shaq, expertly demonstrating the seductive effects of the shoulder shimmy (served best with a mischievous smirk). This shows the rest of the crowd that you’re whimsical, but you also respect the personal space of others, and can easily stay in your own while still providing maximum amounts of groove. If you want to get the attention of the performer, we suggest you do the Shaq. You’re respectful but intense micro-movement will be a beacon of light in the crowd distracting them from the glittery posters and couples making out. You’re here to serve.

The Indecisive Wild Card


There are just so many options! The shopping cart, the sprinkler, the sassy wagging-your-finger, the just-the-hands part of the Single Ladies dance, the drunk aunt, the reluctant dad at a bar mitzvah…the possibilities are endless. You’ll see/use this move the most when the tempo/vibe of the song is hard to decipher. Like, this move lives mostly when someone covers Bohemian Rhapsody (are you supposed to slowly sway at the beginning then head bang two seconds later? what is the protocol?). To save face/make light of the indecisiveness, you’ll see the wild card constantly looking to their left and right and making an incredulous face at their friend, silently communicating: oh my gosh I’m such a dork what am I even doing right now. Just so people know they didn’t actually choreograph this haphazard routine. Props to the wild card for spicing up the party, though.

The Pointer Sister/Brother


“IT’S ALL YOU, MAN”, says the pointer. “LOOK AT THAT GUITAR SOLO, EVERYONE”. We can always count on the pointer to keep us on task and at attention. Think you’re gonna pull out your smartphone and check Twitter? Nah, the PS/B wants you to live in the moment and witness this seriously righteous drum groove. Granted, this move does work best if you’re on someone’s shoulders like Hilary Duff at the beginning of classic cinematic gem “Raise Your Voice”, but if you can’t find a willing concertgoer, the floor will do. It’s the more intentional/purposeful version of the fist pump. Don’t get confused if you’re on the receiving end of the pointer sister/brother (as in, they keep pointing at you). Just point right back, then point in the air, then point at the stage like you just don’t care.

There you have it, y’all – a brief guide to all the awesome crowd dancing to be had in Music City tonight. For all your Nashville adventures (concerts, outdoor events, happy hours by neighborhood, and much more) grab Wannado. We’ve got you covered.

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