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Thistle Farms & End Slavery TN Establish First Safe House


Thistle Farms and End Slavery Tennessee recently celebrated the opening of its first, jointly-run ‘safe house’ in Middle Tennessee, it was announced by Hal Cato, CEO, Thistle Farms and Margie Quin, CEO, End Slavery Tennessee. The two-bedroom home with four beds will serve as short-term emergency housing for survivors of trafficking. The safe house opened its doors in mid-October.

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Cato states, “The opening of The Safe House at Thistle Farms marks an expansion of our residential and healing services, and fills an immediate need for emergency housing and support in Middle Tennessee. We’re thrilled to partner with our colleagues at End Slavery Tennessee to help women survivors recover and heal from trafficking.”

Quin adds, “Partnerships and shared resources will enable our two agencies to serve more survivors of human trafficking in a trauma-responsive environment. This new initiative is another positive step for survivor healing in Middle Tennessee.”

The designated home will provide a place of growth and learning, where a survivor can safely and respectfully begin to heal. Survivors will be offered food, supplies, medical care, mental health services and chemical dependency support. During each woman’s stay, the program team and clinical professionals at Thistle Farms and End Slavery Tennessee will work to find long term housing and resources to help participants continue their healing journey. For information on admissions, please call 615-806-6889.

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