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Titans Enter 2020 Season with Lofty Expectations


Week One of the NFL season is the one time during the season in which each franchise enters the year with high hopes. The slate is wiped clean and anything can happen. Each team is beginning the season with new and improved rosters from the prior season.

The Titans enter the 2020 campaign with lofty expectations, looking to expand upon their success after coming off an appearance in the AFC Championship game. But after three straight seasons finishing with a winning record, the Titans will not be satisfied with just making the playoffs. Tennessee hasn’t won an AFC title since Kerry Collins was quarterback in 2008, is finally fielding a roster with Super Bowl caliber talent.

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The Titans’ opponent in the season opener is the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are coming off a 7-9 finish, but the team appears to have found their quarterback of the future in Drew Lock. While the Broncos fan base would be satisfied with their first trip to the playoffs since winning the Super Bowl in 2015, preseason injuries stand to complicate things.

Earlier in the week, eight time pro bowler Von Miller suffered what most anticipate to be a season-ending ankle injury, creating a major void in head coach Vic Fangio’s vaunted defensive scheme.


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