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Titans Ready to Take Practice Field as a Team Friday


Finally, a bit of normalcy returns for the Tennessee Titans when they take the practice field as a team on Friday.

On Wednesday, there were separate groups going in practice, but with all the social distancing and mask-wearing, on Friday there will be a full team football practice.
And that is something the Titans players sound ready for.

“Anytime stepping on the field with these guys and with the coaches, it just brings a normal feeling in here. I just forget about everything that’s going on in the outside world and it’s just a reminder what is going on in the outside world just seeing people with masks on and stuff like that. But it’s just a blessing to be able to play this game with some of my teammates and coaches, and to be able to have football back,” linebacker Jayon Brown said Wednesday.

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Quarterback Ryan Tannehill admits that there are some major adjustments – primary among them the social distancing rules that must be adhered to inside the facility due to the Covid-19 risks.

“I think early on it was probably just the social distance in the learning classrooms. Just being spaced out, being in the bubble, spaced chairs and coaches on microphones was a little bit of an adjustment in the beginning, but now we’re a couple weeks into this thing. It’s the new normal and I don’t think anyone’s batting an eye at it,” Tannehill said.

That new normal means some changes in the approach to getting ready for a regular season with no preseason games to warm up with.


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