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TobyMac Releases New Video Filmed in Downtown Franklin


TobyMac just released his first single of 2021 titled “Help is on the Way.”

Along with the release of the single was the release of a music video filmed in downtown Franklin featuring his son, Judah McKeehan.

The video is in a true artistic Toby Mac fashion filmed at nighttime, with a mystery about it as you see Judah running down the middle of Main Street with Toby Mac close behind. One might interpret it as his son is running and TobyMac, his father, is running after him to help as the song title states “Help is on the Way.”

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In a statement sent to us, TobyMac states he, “loves music videos that are intriguing, leaving a sense of wonder.”

It’s been just over one year since the sudden death of TobyMac’s son Truett, the inspiration behind the song.

“With a deeply broken heart after losing my firstborn son and stepping almost immediately into quarantine, everything was dark. I woke up one day after months in the valley to the Psalms. I read that ‘God is rolling up His sleeves.’  We are not forgotten. What a beautiful image. What a beautiful promise.”

TobyMac continues his HITS DEEP Tour with several dates sold out. To find the nearest city and for ticket information, visit the website.

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