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Top 3 Porch Plants for Spring!


It’s official. Spring has sprung! Everything is getting greener and that includes our porches! This week, we stopped by Yarrow Acres on Main Street in downtown Franklin to find out the Top 3 Porch Plants for 2019!

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Shopping for plants can be overwhelming. So many choices.. and which ones can we keep actually keep alive?! Lindsey Carmichael, daughter of owner Sheri Gramer, showed us the three plants that love porches as much as we love them.


Fiddle-Leaf Fig

It’s no surprise fiddle-leaf figs are on a list of favorites because these Pinterest-worthy plants have been all the rage for the last few years (and they’re not going anywhere). These guys are a bit of an investment but the return is high.. they’re the perfect accessory to any (and every) room in your home. Lindsay told us they require a lot of light and prefer to be watered only once a week (usually about two cups depending on the size of the plant). Fiddle-Leaf figs are known indoor plants but they also really love life on the porch.


Split Leaf Monstera

Okay, these guys are cool. For one, the Split Leaf Monsteras are (almost) impossible to kill. Secondly, they’re beautiful. And third, they do this unique thing where they “split” or get holes in them as they grow. Not holes like they’re diseased or being eaten by bugs, but unique marks that provide character. They prefer bright, indirect light and a good watering once they’re dry. For this plant, a porch is pretty much paradise.



Oh, dieffenbachia. These beautiful plants are a self-esteem boost for those of us without green thumbs. They’re one of the easiest plants to grow and they come in so many amazing varieties! On the top row, from left to right, the plant names are Aglaonema Silver Bay and the Dieffenbachia Snow variety. On the bottom row, from left to right, we’ve got the Panther and the Algaonema Juliet. Dieffenbachia also prefers indirect light and moist (but drained) soil. These plants love to show off with their large size and splashy patterns. A perfect addition to your porch this spring and summer.

If you’re interested in learning more about plants, Yarrow Acres hosts a variety of make-and-take classes! For a class schedule and details, check out their Facebook page here.

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