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Trekkie Alert: Shatner Comes to Nashville to Talk “Wrath of Khan”


William Shatner will trek to Nashville in February for a special event at War Memorial Auditorium in which he will discuss “Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan” with country music star Brad Paisley.

It’s part of a tour which started over three years ago when Star Trek II celebrated its 35th anniversary. Now, the tour comprises 17 shows with dates in Europe.

Shatner told us initially he liked the idea of going from city to city, even comparing it to that of a rock-n-roll band heading out on tour.

“These one-night gigs had a romance to it that I had never experienced before. As romantic and as a noteworthy as it is to tour like a rock and roll band, doing it yourself -getting on a plane- going to a venue-performing- going to sleep getting up – getting back up and getting back on the plane – there’s no romance at all. It’s hard work, lady,” Shatner said chuckling.

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Joining Shatner for the event in Nashville will be Brad Paisley, which may seem like an interesting choice, but the two have been friends for many years and have a lot in common creatively speaking. The two have collaborated on several projects.

“He’s a buddy of mine for many years, he used to live in Los Angeles and our families saw each other fairly often. We became very friendly to the Paisleys’, then they moved back to Nashville and we lost sight of them for a while but we’ve always kept in touch.”

Shatner released his first country album last year ‘Why Not Me?’ with Alabama’s Jeff Cook. He also debuted at the Grand Ole Opry where he performed with Cook songs from their album in 2019. And while there’s no time for a musical performance on this visit to Nashville, Shatner says you can expect new music from him later this year. But this time, it’s not country; it’s a blues album.

You can also catch him on the History Channel with a new show called “The UnXplained” which will premiere in February. It’s a one-hour non-fiction show, exploring unexplained mysteries featuring Florida’s Coral Castle and “White City” in Honduras, hosted by Shatner.

February 12, 7:30 p
War Memorial Auditorium, 301 6Th Avenue North, Nashville
Buy tickets here. 

The audience will watch ‘Wrath of Khan.’ Following the movie, Paisley and Shatner will be on stage to have a conversation and answer questions from the audience.

“What I’m looking forward to is talking to him (Paisley). I love country music and I have a country music album that released last year and I sang at the Grand Ole Opry, so that’s something we have in common that we haven’t had before when we had appearances together.”

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