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4 Hot Tubs to Elevate Your Backyard


What could be better after a long day than a soak in a warm hot tub? Hot tubs can turn an ordinary backyard into an oasis. If you’ve been considering adding a hot tub to your home, we’ve got a few great recommendations. These hot tubs are available from Peek Pools and Spas in Spring Hill.

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Because everyone has different needs and what one person may find comfortable might not be comfortable to the next, the team at Peek Pools & Spas can help you find the right hot tub for you and your space.

Peek Pools offers spas from Aspen Spas, a St. Louis, MO, based manufacturer known since 1992 for superior quality and cutting-edge technologies. Aspen Spas are all-American made and fully customizable with luxurious therapeutic features.

Alpine ES – 7×8’

Alpine ES - 7x8’

A roomy seven-person hot tub with a smaller footprint, the Alpine ES is the perfect outdoor hot tub for large groups to socialize and relax – without filling the patio!

Pinnacle ES – 8’

Pinnacle ES - 8’

A top of the line six-person hot tub includes a captain’s chair, open love seat, and best-in-class amenity options among all six-person spas.

Arcadia ES – 8’

Arcadia ES - 8’

This spacious seven-person hot tub features two captain’s chairs, an open love seat, and bench seat. Up to 65 jets makes this seven-person spa a luxurious retreat.

ElDorado ES – 7’

ElDorado ES - 7’

This five-person hot tub features a deep, comfortable captain’s chair, “no float” lounger, and bench seat. Total therapy package and amenity options available.

Stop by the Peek Pools & Spa retail store in Spring Hill, located at 2526 Duplex Road, to see spa options.

About Peek Pools and Spas
Peek Pools is run by father-son team Kyle and Justin Peek. They have over 35 years of experience in the industry and they are passionate about helping everyone create the backyard of their dreams. Whether its the addition of a spa, pool, outdoor kitchen, firepit, etc… they can build the backyard you’ve been dreaming of.

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