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Vegan Taco Shop to Open at Nashville Farmers’ Market


Succulent Vegan Tacos, Nashville’s first plant-based taqueria, is slated to open in Nashville Farmers’ Market this fall, announce owners Adriana Ortega and Ronald Cerdas. 

The concept brings Mexico City street food to Nashville through its entirely vegan menu of tacos, tamales, weekend brunch and rotating specials such as enchiladas, tortas and variety of traditional antojitos rarely found in Nashville. Vegan pan dulce will also be offered, including the popular conchas.  

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Succulent Vegan Tacos launched in 2017 through a business incubator program and has appeared in the Nashville Farmers’ Market’s Grow Local Kitchen as a monthly pop up. 

“We have built a loyal following during our monthly pop ups and are excited to have a permanent home in the market,” said Ortega. “Our mission is to bring authentic food from my home without compromising any flavors. We do no harm to animals and work to create awareness for the environment and health. The response has been wonderful, and we can’t wait to serve our guests daily.” 

Succulent Vegan Tacos was founded by Adriana Ortega and Ronald Cerdas, who moved to Nashville more than two decades ago from Mexico City and Costa Rica, respectively. The couple turned to a plant-based diet many years ago, and they have worked on developing a fully vegan concept that maintains authentic Mexican recipes and flavors. 

“We both held full-time jobs while we built this concept, but it’s something we believe in and are passionate about,” said Ortega. “We love food and it was important to replicate the enjoyment of Mexico City street food in Nashville, which has been our home for many years.” 

For now, Succulent Vegan Tacos has heat-and-serve vegan meals available for sale through the Nashville Farmers’ Market What’s Good app as well as stocked at East Nashville’s Citizen Market. 

For opening announcements and more information, visit Succulent Vegan Tacos on Facebook and Instagram. 

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