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Von Elrod’s Reopens After Suffering Minimal Tornado Damage


Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen re-opened Friday, March 6 after suffering minimal tornado damage. The restaurant is open with limited hours and services but will reopen with normal hours on Tuesday, March 10. The restaurant suffered had damage to the outside but the repairs needed were not extensive.

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Below please find a statement from Von Elrod’s Co-Owner Austin Ray who shared about the reopening and the plan for the next few weeks.

“Just over 72 hours after being hit by a tornado, Von Elrod’s will reopen its doors today, Friday March 6th at 11 a.m. We believe the best way we can serve our team and our community is by providing cold beer, food, normalcy and hugs to our neighbors, many of whom were affected much worse than we were. We grieve for our peers who have a much longer road ahead.

We attacked our challenges around the clock to get where we are. We gave away or threw out all of our food and are rebuilding our inventory from scratch. Keg beer doesn’t stay fresh if it’s not refrigerated, so we moved it all to M.L.Rose for three days, and then moved it back. Power and gas were off, then on. Our roof was patched and our air conditioners were set back on the roof. We stayed in constant communication with our entire team to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will open initially with limited hours, full bar service and food service from food trucks, including the M.L.Rose truck. We expect to resume full food and bar service by next week. We will also re-deploy the M.L.Rose food truck to serve volunteers and victims around the community at no charge once our kitchen is fully operational. Additional updates will be shared on Von Elrod’s social channels as the days and weeks go on.

We are watching all of Nashville rise to incredible challenges all around us. As we stabilize, we will be turning outward into the community to transition from, “what do we need help with?” to, “who can we help?”

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