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Wanna Give Gifts? Your Gift Guide To Nashville’s Holiday Sip & Shop


It’s better to give than to receive.

Though we are too fond of DIY projects as gifts to fully agree with the always festive/insightful Michael Scott, we do have to admit: gift giving is a great way to show people you care. With the holidays getting closer and closer (14 days, y’all!), we know you’re starting to think about what to get those special someones. You’re in luck! Deavor is hosting a Holiday Sip & Shop event, featuring tons of local designers. Here are some of our favorite items from the vendors so you can start planning (and there are more holiday markets in Wannado for you to browse)!

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Miriam Designs


Snowbird Necklace, $40

Get it for your lady, champ. Bonus points if she likes The Notebook and you say “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

The Tri-Color Wool Coat, $168

Whoever receives this beautiful sweater will roll up to Frothy Monkey immune to the winter chill and cozy/stylish as ever. We feel warmer just looking at it.


Lindsay Letters


O Holy Night Canvas, $125+

For the Pinterest fiend in your life. Put this above the mantle at any future holiday parties, and they’re set!

Home Alone Quote, $30+

Who doesn’t love the baby-faced Macauly Culkin holiday classic? Get cheeky with this Home Alone themed homage to Andy Warhol’s show poster style.




Eyerusalem Passport Wallet, $35

For your jetsetter. Most of you are probably dating a tour manager anyway, right?

Mehari Blanket, $78

A great gift for your favorite homebody. Also, spring will be here before you know it – you will have the most fashionable blanket in town at that outdoor movie!


Haymakers & Co.


Barbour, $228

Odds are, you know someone who is really embracing the “lumbersexual” movement (that’s metrosexual with a lumberjack twist, if you haven’t read Buzzfeed for the past couple of months). Splurge on this sweater and take them to the woods to chop down a tree/write a really sensitive acoustic song about it.

Imperial Barber Shave Bundle, $30

That winter beard needs some top notch maintenance. Make sure your fella has some proper facial hairĀ upkeep tools.


The Snowglobe Shop by Matt Wertz


The Snowglobe Candle, $20

Matt Wertz. You know him. You love him. Your house can smell like him (well, specifically his house – we doubt he consistently smells like “frasier fir and sandalwood with a little bit of spice”, but who knows?).

The Dad Hat, $22

The title says it all. The perfect gift for dad and all appreciators of dad jokes (which should be everyone). Wertz fashioned this after the hat he wore on the cover of his Christmas album that belonged to his own father. Warning: You might be prone to making dad-esque holiday puns like this one).


Get in the spirit and get out that wallet! It’s a great day to holiday shop. Want to do all the Christmas-y things Nashville has to offer? Download Wannado and get to celebrating. Tis the season!


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