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Wanna Give Thanks? Your Guide To A Nashville Thanksgiving


Wanna Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving. The best day of the year.

While some may be avid fans of Christmas and/or Halloween over Thanksgiving, we are big supporters of Turkey Day. Yes, it’s followed by one of the biggest days of consumerism the world has ever seen (we’ve seen enough ladies throwin’ elbows at Bed, Bath and Beyond’s Black Friday sale to last us a lifetime), but there is something special about Thanksgiving. Turkey (or tofurkey for our vegetarian friends), cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, crazy family members, board games, serving the community…we love it all. Whether you’re having a Friendsgiving with all your Nashville pals or you’re hosting the family, we’ve got your Nashville Thanksgiving Day covered. So here it is: your Wannado guide to the best Thanksgiving activities to:

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Burn Some Pre-Turkey Calories: 

The Boulevard Bolt


Just call us Usain.


A 5 mile course on Belle Meade Boulevard (one of the prettiest roads in the city, y’all).


Bright and early on Thanksgiving morn!


Whether you walk it out or sprint all the way to the finish line (we’ll be doing the fiercest of power walks), this is the way to jump-start your Thanksgiving. It’s the 20th anniversary of The Boulevard Bolt, and there’s a reason it’s been around so long. Whether you bring your home-away-from-home BFF, your super cool and weirdly in-shape mom and dad, or your new boyfriend/girlfriend (nothing like a romantic stroll through Belle Meade to keep this thing goin’ till Christmas), you’re going to have a blast. The Boulevard Bolt is a joint effort from local churches/temples, and we love seeing Nashville come together for a cause – the proceeds benefit Nashville’s homeless population. What better reason to get out of the house and do something before you eat turkey and subsequently pass out from food exhaustion? Sign up here!

Stuff Yourself In Splendor:

The Hermitage Hotel


Wear your fat pants, kids.


Downtown in the midst of all holiday festivities at the truly grand Hermitage Hotel!


Prime feeding time – 11am to 4pm on Thanksgiving Day.


Sometimes, you buy a double oven from a Sears catalog just to make sure you can cook everything in the whole world come Thanksgiving Day. However, it’s been a crazy year, and we think you’ve earned a Thanksgiving meal prepared by somebody else for a change. That’s where The Hermitage comes in. This is a feast fit for a king/queen. Picture the food-imagination scene in Hook (which we still maintain was an excellent movie…BANGARANG RUFIO), and you’ve pretty much got it. Three courses at one of the most luxurious, historic hotels in the ‘ville? Make your reservations now and start looking forward to the best meal you’ve ever had.

To Give Back:

Serve with Hands On Nashville


Serve it up.


All throughout our beautiful city!


Different times/events throughout the day – there will be a time that will match up with your busy holiday schedule.


Let’s get real: serving others will do more for your soul than anything else on this list. There is nothing like giving back to the community that supports you every day. Nashville is special, and so are the Nashvillians that are less fortunate…let’s make this a wonderful day for them! We are so happy Hands On Nashville is around to help us find places to volunteer. Just a short run-down of what they have going on: you can donate your bicycles (we know you have them, Nashville, because you are just so active and trendy) to the awesome ReCYCLE for Kids program. You can also head to St. Luke’s Community House to be a food bank volunteer, helping prepare meals for those in need. You can check Wannado and Hands On Nashville’s feed under Orgs & Guides inside the app to make sure you don’t miss out on any volunteer opportunities. It will be so, so worth it!

Get In The Christmas Spirit:

Radio City Christmas Spectacular


Break out the mistletoe – it’s TIME.


Grand Ole Opry House. Magical.


The holiday run goes all the way into December (but you should see it now)!


Those of us who are avid Christmas enthusiasts (Buddy The Elf is our fearless leader) have been enduring the complaints of the Thanksgiving purists for almost a month. No Christmas decorations, no Christmas movies, no Michael Buble’s “Christmas” (we break that rule year-round). But guess what? IT’S TIME. What better way to kick off your Christmas celebration than with the world-famous Rockettes? There’s something about that kick-line – the zany, slightly over-the-top cheerfulness mixed with the amazing feat of athleticism that is kicking your leg so high it can hit your nose…unreal. This is the perfect big-family-in-town activity – the kids will be mesmerized, the adults will be sleepy enough from their Thanksgiving feast that they won’t get restless (and how could they anyway because The Rockettes are AWESOME) – it’s perfect. Not to mention it’s at one of the most historic spots in Music City history. Do it!

Let Out That Post-Nap Aggression:

Preds Game


Feast. Nap. Cheer on hockey fights. Red-blooded American stuff.


Bridgestone Arena!


Right around the time you’ve finished scouring the kitchen for leftovers – 7PM. Perfect timing!


If your family Thanksgiving looks anything like ours, everyone peaces out post-meal and falls asleep in front of the TV watching Charlie Brown. However, around 5:00 people start to come out of their cranberry sauce-induced food coma, and people start to get restless. What activity has a little something for everyone? A Preds game, of course! Grandpa’s gonna buy a ton of merch, walking away in head-to-toe Preds gear. Uncles are gonna have maaaaybe one beer too many and tell you embarrassing stories about your parents’ childhood. Your cousin will make bets with you on which two players are going to get in a fight first (winner gets the last slice of pumpkin pie). Kids get on the jumbo screen, have a hot dog, and let’s be honest – probably spend half the game looking at an iPad. Fun for the whole family!

So let’s give thanks together, Nashville! Whether you’re eating your weight in sweet potatoes, watching ice hockey, or most importantly, serving your community, your bound to have a wonderful Nashville Thanksgiving. Download the app today to make sure you can keep everyone entertained and have a fantastic holiday! And let us tell you, Wannado community, we sure are thankful for you.

– Your local guide.

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