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Wanna Relax? Your Guide To Your Perfect Nashville Staycation


Wanna Relax, Nashville Style?

The beginning of the year sometimes makes us feel like this:

Whether it’s Friday and you’re defiantly throwing your board meeting notes in the air like you just don’t care, or you’ve taken a nap every single day this week, we know this to be true: You deserve a weekend to yourself. It has been a doozy of a week, y’all: a wind chill of about -57869 degrees, a dramatic episode of Nashville, Justin Bieber’s super smiley mugshot. We don’t know about y’all, but we need to decompress for a bit. The beginning of the year can put everyone under a lot of pressure, whether you’re starting a new project at work or your looking at a picture of Gisele Bundchen every morning for New Years Resolution motivation (which, we must point out, she gets paid to look like that & can afford a celebrity chef/trainer, so everyone just chill). You could gather up all your sick days and take a vacation to some bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, but we think the best things in life are local. Why not see what you’ve been missing out on in your favorite city? So here it is, Nashville the best Nashville staycations for:

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The Urban Enthusiast: 

Live Like A Big City Kid In Downtown Nashville

Picture 28

Stop to smell the roses (and take a picture with the Billy Graham statue).


New York City, street food, walking over driving, the way pavement is actually really shiny, messenger bags, fire escapes, lifestyle blogs, double filtering your Instagram posts


Unless you stay downtown (which, if you have the cash, we suggest you do it because nights away from home are the best), you’re gonna need to park. Check out the parking near Gay St. and 1st Ave. on the river – always a decent spot. You can also park at Nashville Public Library on the cheap! After you’ve gotten that nonsense out of the way, bundle up in your cutest puffer coat (is there such a thing?) and stroll down to Dunn Bros. Coffee. It’s a classic, city-livin’ coffee shop with lots of regulars. With coffee in hand (and gloves on), make the trek to the Frist Center. They have a Norman Rockwell exhibit right now, and it is straight up beautiful. If history is more your thing, check out the war museum under the War Memorial Auditorium! While you’re near the Frist, walk past The Standard and the Lifeway Building to get an Instagram shot with the huuuuuuge Billy Graham Statue. You will probably see a tourist mistaking it for Johnny Cash, because if you haven’t noticed those two are basically twins separated at birth. Visit the fine-fresh Hatch Show Print new location in the Country Music Hall of Fame extension across from Music City Center. If you’re the souvenir type (aren’t we all), grab a cool show poster for the road. Then it’s time to gussy up, you handsome devils! Dress for a night on the town and hit up Hermitage Hotel for a super classy pre-game. For the actual goin’ out game we suggest BB Kings (middle-aged folk drinking out of fish bowls, eating fried pickles, and screaming the lyrics to “Mr. Big Stuff”), Robert’s (bands in studded jeans singing John Mayer, cheap beer, lots of friendly people), and/or Lonnie’s Karaoke in Printer’s Alley (release your inner superstar, friend).


Take your best friend that you haven’t seen as much since they got that new job. Nothin’ will keep you together like museums and karaoke. Nothin’ in this world.

The Quaint Small-Towner:

Sip Sweet Tea & Hear The Banjo Just Outside Nashville

Picture 29

Oh, oh, the sweetest thing – Bono/anyone who has ever tasted Loveless Cafe’s sweet tea.


Everything Andy Griffith has ever done, watching Merle Haggard videos on YouTube, sweet tea, wearing your fat pants, porch swings, sweet tea, convenience stores, scenic drives, American Pickers, SWEET TEA


Wake up in the mornin’ feeling like C.Twitty. You’ll be transported back to a simpler time on your drive out to Loveless Cafe. You’ll leave the things that come with city life in the dust: mystery smells coming from the parking garage, backyards the size of a yoga mat, smart cars…they’re gone. It’s just you, your travel partner, and the open road. Put your name in ASAP at Loveless – they don’t accept reservations on weekends. We suggest downloading “Heads Up!” in the app store for the sometimes 2 hour wait. OR if you want to stick to that country theme, bring the newspaper, you dinosaur. Once you get seated, it’s time to FEAST. Country ham, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob…THOSE BISCUITS. Swoon. When you’re done, head next door to the general store (fun fact: we saw Al Gore there buying local honey and chapstick once). Here’s where it gets interesting. A mile away from Loveless is Trace Bikes – you can rent a bike for a day for your trip down Natchez Trace Parkway. This bridge/road is absolutely breathtaking. Tons of history, national landmark – you don’t want to miss it! If biking isn’t your thing/you forgot your earmuffs, take the scenic drive. We suggest recreating the moment from “Perks of Being A Wallflower” by choosing a song and belting it with your head through the sunroof. It’s that kind of road, y’all. Come back (several pictures later) for a show at the Loveless Barn…they have the best pickers in town, and their Music City Roots night is a real treasure.


This is a great way to have some good, deep conversation. We suggest taking someone you want to connect with, whether it’s a significant other, a parent visiting town, or a new friend.

The History Buff:

Become A Civil War Expert In Franklin

Picture 30

It’s like your 9th grade history class CAME TO LIFE.


A Netflix queue compose solely of History Channel Documentaries, channeling your inner Leslie Knope, haunted stuff, petticoats, top hats, carriage rides, your 4th grade field trip to a colonial farm, trinkets, souvenirs, casseroles


Start off with coffee, champ – it’s going to be a fun, activity-filled day. We suggest coffee/tea from Frothy Monkey (throw in some breakfast, too). Their Franklin location is right in the heart of downtown! After that, get out your pamphlets and your fanny packs – you’re going on a museum tour! Right off the main square is Lotz House Museum and the Carter House, home to the bloodiest 5 hours in the Civil War. You can put your fingers in the bullet holes on the side of the house (that is, if your tour guide lets you), walk across the creaky floors, and hear tales of bravery from long ago. It’s sobering, but really educational and awesome. After all of that learnin’, you’re going to be hungry. Pop in to Merridee’s Breadbasket for some of the best chicken poppyseed casserole that ever existed. If you can stomach it, top it off with a treat from Sweet Cece’s – the downtown location is by far the cutest of all the locations. Unwind from your heavy afternoon with some retail therapy at the shops! If boutique prices have you down, check out “Our Thrift Store” – great selection with some rummaging, and their vinyl stock is great! Keep the nostalgia going with a movie at Franklin Theatre! It’s been around since the 30s and has been renovated to perfection. If you’re brave, drive over to the Carnton Plantation at night before you head home – there have been a lot of spooky sightings there!


Your 4th grader who is disproportionately excited about the U.S. History chapter. Or, you know, the whole family! This is also a great thing to do when the grandparents are in town.

The Lovers Of Beauty (And Wine):

A Day Of Simple Pleasures At Arrington Vineyards

Picture 31

Eat, drink, and be merry.


Fresh produce, burlap backpacks, wine & cheese, rolling hills, cutting boards, Pinterest-approved staycations, chalkboard walls, cityscapes, Toms, sundresses, denim, the planet of Naboo more than Coruscant (#starwarsstuff).


If you do this over the next couple of weeks, you’re gonna wanna invest in some fleece-lined leggings, friends. But we believe you can make it work! There is nothing like a chilly walk at Radnor Lake to jumpstart your perfect, beauty-filled staycation. The fog coming off of the lake, the sun coming through the bare branches – we can’t get enough. After you’ve hiked it out, it’s time to relax! Load up the car with your very own picnic (or call ahead to Radnor and order a ready-to-go cheese/picnic food feast). Make the scenic drive to Arrington Vineyards (fun fact: it’s owned by Kix Brooks) and sign up for a wine tasting! The wait isn’t long, the wine tasting is free AND there’s a fireplace. Winter is actually one of the best times to come to Arrington – no long lines, breathing room, the covered patio…such a dream. After your tasting, buy a bottle of wine from their shop and chill out on the grounds! Good conversation and liberating laughter will follow, we promise. When you’re done (and if you’ve been drinking responsibly), hop back in the car and head into town. We suggest heading back by way of the music store (stop by McKay’s for all the CDs your heart could want) and gettin’ some great driving tunes. If you want to go way way old school and keep the classy/classical theme going, we recommend Flower Duet from Lakme. End the night takin’ in the skyline at Love Circle. There’s nothing better than a cityscape after a day of appreciating the loveliness of simple pleasures.


A group of friends that love stimulating conversation and are either wine aficionados, or know just as little about it as you (so you guys can bluff together).

The Swanky:

Treat Yo-self In Belle Meade

Picture 32

We’ve said it once, we will say it till the end of time: TREAT. YO. SELF.


Having candles lit at all times, bubble bath, self-help books, fine leather goods, attentive customer service, sun rooms, herbal tea, the music of Enya, Dali Lama, face masks


Let’s face it: you’re the kind of dame (or fella) that goes all out. You’re staying around town because the kids have a school play tomorrow and you have a board meeting on Monday morning that you need Sunday to prepare for. But guess what? You can have the fanciest of days right here in the 615. Start by checking into the seriously adorable Daisy Hill Bed & Breakfast. Near Belle Meade, you will 100% enjoy your stay – the sunroom is gorgeous, and the owners are attentive without being intrusive. After you’re all checkin in, head to Escape Day Spa for some top-notch R&R. We’ve had a couple of different massage therapists, and all of them have been great! Tell them about that back injury from last week’s aggressive Zumba class and they’ll knead it right out, guaranteed. You’ll probably fall asleep in the relaxation room, especially after you put on one of their big fluffy robes and watch the floor to ceiling screen of snow falling (it’s a lot like the Disney Channel Original Movie “Smart House”). When you’ve chilled as long as you possibly can, continue the therapeutic day with some shopping at Green Hills. Wannado tip: Designer Finds is a swanky consignment store, and a ton of country stars bring their designer clothes there for major discounts! End your day out with a movie at Green Hills Mall; Saving Mr. Banks, Philomena, or Her are our favorites right now! Head back to your B&B and make sure you stay for breakfast in the morning!


Either your husband, your best pal, or…YOURSELF. You deserve it.

So there you go, Nashville; everything you need to plan a much-needed Staycation in the ‘ville. Take it easy and mentally check out for a day – 2014 isn’t going to slow down any time soon. For more in-town adventures, always check in with Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

– Your local guide.

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