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Wanna Revival? Meet REVIVALIST, Your New Favorite Fashion Brand


We need a revival.

No, we aren’t talking about a Charles Finney sermon in a tent somewhere in 1900’s Ohio (though that was cool too). We’re talking about a fashionable, socially aware, meaningful, and body-positive revival in Nashville (and then, obviously, the world). So who’s leading the charge?

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Meet Monica Boes and Megan Phillips. After meeting as 18 year olds, attending Belmont University together, and bonding over their love of graphic design/Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, Monica and Megan started Revivalist and ended up as some of Nashville’s most fashionable business partners. Their shared vision for the fashion scene will be on display tomorrow at the Revivalist Launch Party! Hosted at brand new event space Deavor, the party will feature a Revivalist fashion show, performances from Phin, My Red & Blue, & Aaron Krause, and free food and drinks (so awesome). But enough of us talkin’ (we know you’re already sold on that launch party). We sat down with the dynamic duo and talked retro silhouettes, entrepreneurship, and T-Swift:

How did Revivalist get started?

MP: I was in New York last summer interning at Vera Wang, and being exposed to the fashion industry was really discouraging. It was so much about who you are supposed to be rather than who you are, and it wasn’t celebrating women for their uniqueness; it was about veing thin and wearing clothes that were expensive. I felt the need to do something. When I told Monica about my experiences she was right there with me, and from there we started Revivalist. The idea of what we’re founded in is reviving what Jesus says about his daughters – giving women strength and dignity through clothing. We also wanted to revive things we love about design; all the retro aspects like classic silhouettes and vintage patterns.


What should we expect from tomorrow night’s event?

MB: We want to celebrate the launch of our Kickstarter! It’s a way to get the word out in a different way and celebrate what is to come. We’ll be promoting our clothes there – we have a fashion show built in – and free food/drinks and live music to get the party going (they’re collaborating with Cause A Scene Music)! We’re excited to get our name out there, because no one has really heard it yet.

What makes Nashville a great place to start a fashion line?

MP: It’s funny, we didn’t really plan on picking Nashville particularly, but it’s been interesting to see how helpful the community is! We didn’t realize the city is such a hub for entrepreneurs. People were just coming up to us and offering their help. So even though we originally did it for convenience, we’ve come to see how special it is. There’s this giving energy in Nashville that makes it the perfect place to start a business.

After you celebrate the kickoff, what’s next?

MB: Getting our Kickstarter funded! Then we can officially open the online store to the public and start on the next collection.

Awesome! How will the line be available?

MP: It will start online, but we would love to keep branching out to boutiques in Nashville and really get to know the fashion community better.

Sounds great. Okay, here’s the lightning round. Favorite place to shop?

MP: I’m pretty brand loyal! Madewell and Anthropologie are kind of the only places I shop.

MB: I’m quite the online shopper – Club Monaco, Brandy Melville, and H&M. I also love Anthropologie!

Favorite place in Nashville to witness some great street fashion?

MP: 12 South is such a young, trendy area; places like Frothy Monkey and Imogene + Willie attract people who understand fashion. There’s a lot of cool inspiration in that neighborhood.

MB: I like the East Nashvillians too! You see the most interesting style – sometimes it’s a little weird, but then they’ll be spot on and I’m just like – UGH. I wish I could pull that off!

Favorite hangout spot in Nashville?

MP: I love 8th & Roast! That’s my go-to place to get work done, which is the only thing I have time to do anymore. I’m also a park hopper – I really enjoy spending afternoons at Sevier Park. There’s always something fun going on, and it’s perfect for just laying on a blanket and reading a book.

If you could style on Nashvillian in the Revivalist brand, who would it be?

MB: I do love Taylor Swift. I think she would like us and look so precious in our clothes. I was like…I’m not going to go there, but…I did! (laughs)


There you have it, Nashville. An empowering brand that Taylor Swift would love (and you have to admit, girl’s fashion game is as strong as that infamous hair flip) brought to you by some super cool Nashvillians with a meaningful vision. We’ll see you at the kickoff tomorrow night, and for all your Nashville discoveries, check out Wannado! From happy hours to store openings to concerts (and much more), we’ve got you covered.

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