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3 Other Things We’d Like To See Captured By Nashville’s Fireworks Drone


It’s the best seat in the house.

By now, you’ve probably already been bombarded on your Facebook timeline by the awesome footage of the Nashville fireworks captured by a drone. If you haven’t heard the background info, the stunt was pulled off by local entrepreneur Robert Hartline, the man behind the new carpooling app Hytch. He used $1300 to fly a drone right above the Cumberland River, capturing all the magic of the #2 fireworks show in the U.S. (what up!) from a comfortable spot in SoBro near Pinewood Social (and near free parking – smart man). Here’s the footage:

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Pretty magical, right? Our city is a stunner. In light of all the drone talk (the legality and safety is being debated, but pretty much everyone agrees that it LOOKS really awesome), we thought we’d put together a list of things we’d like to see “droned” in Nashville this summer/fall. You can find all these awesome events in Wannado, and make sure you throw in your two cents in the comments (“add an insight” at the bottom). Here we go…3 things we’d like to see captured by the now-famous Nashville drone:

Live On The Green

Image Courtesy of Billy White
Image Courtesy of Billy White

Live On The Green. It is basically the Coachella of Nashville without all the flower crowns and mystery smells (and spread out over several weeks, making it way better-suited to us Nashville folk). When you’re sweaty and dancing in the crowd, it can be hard to get the full effect of just how stunning it is to see the Music City community collectively jamming to the sounds of Ingrid Michaelson and The Lone Bellow (because FYI, the lineup is pretty out-of-this-world this year – grab Wannado to stay up to date on all the show dates/times). Yes, we’d all suggest we get street level for this thing and seriously rock out with a local brew in our hands and love in our hearts, but seeing the concert-goers synchronized swaying from a drone vantage point would be really cool.

The Glo Run


OK, so this race is clearly whimsically wonderful. You put on your neon/glowy best and head to LP Field on July 12 for a good time, and join your fellow racers for a 5K that pretty much doubles as a party. Why would this be so great for the drone to get on camera? With the stunning sunset/night sky and the glow in the dark attire of the runners, you could watch this thing like a horse race (not to dehumanize those who are running, but hear us out). It is already cool to watch a race from an aerial view, but to be able to call out – I’ve got 5 bucks on the yellow light that’s right behind the royal blue with the green glow hat – would be some weirdly awesome fun. If something is gonna get droned, this thing needs to get droned.

Titans Football Season


Okay, so the legality of this one might not be so airtight, but still! The major networks dominate when it comes to bringing us our favorite team’s games, but what if the Nashville drone took it to the next level? We’re all about local insight, and we’d love the drone to get the awesome aerial shot of the game with frame by frame commentary from some local experts (may we propose our commentator duo of Dave & Lil, aka Dave Barnes and Little Richard, from our fake Nashville Super Bowl). It could all stream to a local bar (maybe – we aren’t totally sure how quick this drone footage gets turned around) like Sam’s in Hillsboro Village. How cool would that be? Drone dat defense.


So there are our ideas for the now-legendary Nashville Fourth of July drone. What are yours? Leave us a line in the comments, and for all your drone-worthy moments in Music City, grab Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

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