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Wannado Bonnaroo? Your Guide To Bonnaroo’s Nashville Acts


Wannado Bonnaroo?

For those about to rock, we salute you.

It’s almost that time, Nashville. The time where you tap into the fountain of eternal youth and enthusiasm, pack up a crappy, yet spacious minivan, and make the trip to Manchester, TN. Break out your self-cut tank tops, frayed denim shorts, and knowledge of 1970’s bands…you’re gonna need it. That’s right – you’re going to Bonnaroo. And if you’re not, you should be. The lineup was announced last night (Grimey’s hosted an official Bonnaroo part-ay that was one for the books), and we couldn’t be more pumped. Yeah, of course we’re excited for Sir Elton (priority number one: find a strong bro who’s shoulders we can sit on for “Tiny Dancer”), but as always, we’re excited for the Nashville crew to roll in. Nashville is bein’ repped by a ton of acts this year, but we chose five Nashville standouts we’re super pumped to see. You can find all their local shows here, of course (and your other fave Nashville acts)! Get ready to shred, y’all. Here’s your Wannado guide to…the best Nashville Bonnaroo acts for:

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The Toe-Tappin’, Straw Hat-Wearers:

The Wild Feathers

Picture 24

Wild things, you make our hearts sing.


Super jammy take on slightly country-ish rock. There are harmonicas galore, so many opportunities to clap (which as an audience member, we are SO ready for). Slower jams have soaring, rockin’ choruses that give off a Tom Petty vibe. “Tall Boots” is the kind of song that could have fit in to the Almost Famous soundtrack (which is the ultimate soundtrack, ammiright?). These dudes call Nashville home (at least in their Twitter bio, which is where we keep our truest thoughts and feelings), and we are just mega-proud.


We’ll level with you: you might not want to come to their set with a significant other with whom you share a “tumultuous” relationship. Their self-titled debut “The Wild Feathers” feature a ton of tracks that make us feel crappy about the way that we are in relationships, so just, like…distract someone if you don’t want to have a hard conversation later. Ha. Other than that, we are pumped to see the raw energy that is on display in the song “I Can Have You”, where the lyrics boast: “I’ll let you know when I’ve got time for you; In the middle of the night when no one else comes through”. Bummer, but a reeeeally heartfelt/honest sentiment with a killer groove.


They played an awesome Nashville NYE set at Mercy Lounge, but the closest they’re getting before Bonnaroo looks like Knoxville. Worth it? YUP.

The “I’ve Seen It All” Hipster:

Valerie June

Picture 25

Because NO, you haven’t seen someone like Valerie June.


Valerie June is so unique and we are so so excited about her. From her uh-mazing hair to her strange phrasing to her repetitive yet catchy verses, we haven’t heard anything like her before. At first glance, her stuff can be a bit Amos Lee-esque, but with a closer look there’s almost an unexpected young Dolly Parton vibe, but without a trace of naivete. Her stuff is wholly earnest but wholly aware. There are horns, there’s twang…it’s like a weird gift basket full of awesome but seemingly unrelated items – Erykah Badu horns, Amy Winehouse motown guitar riffs, Loretta Lynn choruses. BUT, if you consume them all at once it’s incredible. Don’t miss this one.


Valerie seems like a wonderful storyteller, and we can’t wait to see that showcased on “Twined And Twisted”.


She performed at the ACM’s with country’s favorite bad boy, Eric Church. It was really, really cool.

The Crazy Dancers With Cool Hair They Can Whip Back And Forth:

Those Darlins

Picture 26

^ They’re comfortable with closeness, which is a great example to set for the Bonnaroo attendee: you’re going to be standing thisclose to a stranger who hasn’t showered in 3 days.


If Patti Smith was the fifth member of the Shangri-Las and wrote most of her songs after a week-long bender (oh, and if one of the dudes from The Black Keys was the musical director), that would be Those Darlins-esque. Their most recent release, Blur The Lines, melds Patsy Cline-style guitar riffs with Talking Heads beats, resulting in a record that makes us naturally picture a live show. Lyrically, the self-reflective statements (ex: maybe we moved too slow, maybe it will soon be time for me to go) sound like one big sigh. And we love it.


“Oh God”. Yeah, it may not have the same manic energy as “Screws Get Loose”, but picture this: You’ve been under the hot sun surrounded by a ton of people with dreads and “ironic” vintage board shorts (that are actually just from their 9th grade Aeropostale phase). You’re tired, you’re dirty, and you just want to let it all go with a slow jam that is packed full of ‘tude. “Oh God” is your moment.


We’re in luck, darlin’. They are playing Exit/In a week from today!

The Person Who Looks Out The Window Introspectively During Road Trips:

The Wood Brothers

Picture 27

Your dad would like them, but only if you have a super cool dad.


These tight, melodic harmonies are the kind that come only when the singers share DNA. The Wood Brothers are inescapably complementary – a lot of their songs feel like people taking turns telling their shared story. Their discography screams “rootsy”, but the origin varies…songs filled with Muddy Waters blues riffs, O Brother Where Art Thou harmonies, and Johnny Cash-like simple melodies. What we love: they let the grit live in their songs (and their voices). “Muse” (the most recent release) feels like the soundtrack to a summer where you go and visit your kooky aunt who lives in a rough-around-the-edges small town, and, like, fall in love with the local handyman or something. Nostalgic, but quirky. We’re into it.


“The Muse”, for sure. We can’t wait to feel like we’re at Woodstock with this classic folksy tune (because that’s what everyone tries to do at Bonnaroo anyway).


Next show is at 3rd and Lindsley March 7 & 8! .

The Token Nashvillian:

DUH, Jack White

Picture 28

No comment necessary. Because DUH JACK WHITE.


I mean, he’s Jack White. Do we need to elaborate? The president of the Nashville music scene (didn’t we all subconsciously elect him to that office at some point?) has been the go-to curator of Nashville music culture from his White Stripes day to Blunderbuss. We’ve seen him chillin’ at every coffee shop ever, and he still maintains his star power. That’s a gift. We love that he’s holding his own against the somewhat flashier top-billed acts (Kanye anyone? If he goes on at 4:30am like last time, we will be going to sleep, Yeezus). So we’ll just say his vibe is awesome and irrefutably Jack White. No one else like him.


It might be slightly cliche, but we don’t care: his take on “Love Is Blindness” (featured on The Great Gatsby soundtrack) makes us want to just drag race on a country road (safely of course) wearing all leather and a ton of black eyeliner. They let you do that at Bonnaroo right?


Good ol’ Jack sold out 2 nights at The Ryman to kick off his world tour, and it was legendary. Closest we’re gonna get to a Nashville show in the near future is Bonnaroo and WE ARE ELATED.

So there you go y’all – as always, the Nashville music scene is doing us proud. Get ready to get down and dirty for the sake of music. Is there a worthier cause? If your favorite local band didn’t get covered, you should check Wannado to see their upcoming shows! We promise to always keep you in the loop. You stay classy, Nashville, and start workin’ on that Bonnaroo tan.

– Your local guide.

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