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What Does COIN Wannado?



That declarative statement just happens to be the website name of COIN, a Nashville band with enough confident swagger to match up to the statement. An infectious fusion of Music City sounds that churns out “swirly indie party pop”, COIN is taking the city’s music scene by storm. We may be heading into fall, but the airy, vibrant toe-tappers like “Time Machine” will have you dancing at your desk this Wednesday and daydreaming of the perfect Nashville summer (which we are going to guess involves a solid cold brew coffee and some new Warby Parker sunglasses). There’s a fun undercurrent running through every COIN track. Some breakdowns feel like the best part of a John Hughes film; some melodies have The Beach Boys-infused guitar riffs with indie group vocals soaring over the top. Solid.

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Lucky for you, you won’t need a “Time Machine” to see these Nashville fellas live! They’ve been all over on tour with Kopecky Family Band, and now they’re playing with The Lonely Biscuits & Dana Swimmer at Exit/In this Saturday…and YOU could win a free pair of tickets to the show! Go HERE and “heart” the event so we know you wannado it – we’ll send the lucky Wannado user some comped tickets for two! To get you pumped for their show Friday, we thought we’d consult these Nashville experts about some of their favorite Nashville things (and get the inside scoop on their new record!):

Favorite Venue


12th & Porter. It sounds great, and every time we’ve played there its been great. Also Mercy Lounge! And we haven’t played it yet, but we really love The Ryman. I think that’s a goal! It’s like a sanctuary.”

Best Burger

Image courtesy of

*collective “OOOOOH”* It’s all subjective, but probably McDonald’s (laughs). There are a ton of great beef patties in Nashville, but I would say The Marathon at Burger Up is my favorite. It’s the black bean patty. Also Tavern! And Gabby’s is great too.

Favorite Bar

Image courtesy of Anthony Matula
Image courtesy of Anthony Matula

“We don’t really drink that much, but those of us that do love Patterson House. Just a small, original, pre-Prohibition cocktail.”

Choice of Coffee Shop


“Crema! Or Barista Parlor: Golden Sound.”

Favorite Neighborhood


“Probably East Nashville. We hadn’t spent a lot of time over there till we recorded, and now we’ve grown to love it.”

Quirky Band Trivia


What’s something no one knows about COIN?

“We’re super athletic. Actually, no, that’s not true…that’s a lie. That’s a good question! We’re pretty transparent people. Ryan was a Gerber baby!”

R: “My parents were sick of me trying to get attention so they sent me there. I had an agent and stuff. I remember it – it was this tricycle, and they were treating it like an airplane. They had me in a bomber jacket and little aviators, and they blew my hair with this big fan.”

If you could form a supergroup with another Nashville musician, who would it be and what would you be called?

“It would probably be Keith Urban. We’d be the Coiners. Or Urban Coin. It would be something…I don’t know if it would be good or not.”

Coming Soon To A Venue Near You (& A Record Store – New Album Alert!)

We have a show on October 25! We just finished our record, so it is being mixed right now and will be out at the beginning of the year. We’re going to play a bunch of songs off the new record at the show, which we haven’t really done in Nashville for awhile. People have gotten used to the same songs we’ve been playing at our hometown shows, so we’re excited to integrate some new stuff!

So find that atlas and get yourself to Exit/In this Saturday. It’s going to be a blast! While you’re anxiously awaiting COIN’s hometown show (and new record), take some of their suggestions and enjoy your favorite city. If you need any suggestions/things to do, Wannado has got you covered!

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