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Win Bubble Tea Opens Second Nashville Location


A new bubble tea location has opened on White Bridge Road.

Win Bubble Tea has opened its second Nashville location at 99 White Bridge Road.

A grand opening event was held on January 12. The original location opened on Nolensville Road back in 2018. Since that time, Win has also opened a location in Dublin, Ireland.

The store focuses on bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink made with a tea base mixed with milk or juice with chewy tapioca dessert known as boba or pearls.

Owned by Mr. Nguyen (pronounced “Win”), who has a background in finance, decided to open the Bubble Tea shop to serve his favorite beverage. Their website shares all items for their teas are imported from Taiwan. The shop offers a topping bar where you can mix and match toppings for your tea. Each drink has individual tea bags that are freshly steeped in an espresso machine. The tea selections often change with the seasons and customer feedback.

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Other items you can find on the menu are Win Bubble Waffles, Win Hotdog Waffles, Butter and chocolate croissants, and Vietnamese coffee.

Win offers an app where you can order your tea ahead, no waiting for your order. With the app, you also earn loyalty points. Download the app here.

The bubble tea shop is open seven days a week 11 am – 9 pm.

To stay current on their latest offerings, follow them on Facebook. 

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