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Wolf and Scout Coffee Opens in Columbia


A new coffee shop opened on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, in the Columbia Arts Building at 307 W 11th Street in Columbia.

The new coffee shop named Wolf and Scout Coffee is owned and operated by Larry, Olivia, Audrey, and Chase. Larry and Chase might be familiar to you local coffee drinkers as they formerly worked at Honest Coffee Roaster at The Factory in Franklin.

Via Instagram, they stated their mission is to serve the very best coffee they can. Stating, “Lead the pack, blaze new trail. That is our mission, you are our and this is our adventure into greater coffee…welcome.”

No menu has been shared at this time, they will be serving Onyx Coffee Lab coffee.

Hours of operation have not yet been updated. You can follow Wolf and Scout Coffee on Instagram for the latest updates.

Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
Music fanatic. Event attendee. Prone to fits of large coffee consumption. Always looking for the perfect pair of jeans.
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