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4 Places To Go For A Business Lunch In Nashville


Business or pleasure?

There is a certain utility to eating food (like, you know, requiring it for survival), but in Nashville especially, there is an art to enjoying a meal. Even during the work day you gotta eat, and sometimes that leaves you trying to pick the perfect place for a visiting or local colleague. You want the kind of environment where you can talk shop, but you also can’t ignore the Nashville foodie culture with a less-than-stellar menu. Lucky for you, we outlined some of the local favorites for business lunches. Break out those business cards, y’all!

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All-You-Can-Eat Indian Extravaganza


Located in Demonbreun, Tamarind is central to a huge area for Nashville business. It’s situated between downtown and Music Row, so it’s great for locals meeting in the middle without huge traffic headaches. The space is low lit and casual! You can seat yourself, go up and get your food (there will be multiple trips, trust us), and check out at the front counter. Come here to impress your coworkers/clients with your exotic tastes.
Tell them to get the Chicken Tikka Masalla too. Delicious.


Mere Bulles

You Fancy, Huh?


This place might have you humming some I-G-G-Y, because you’re going to be feelin’ fancy. A fine dining experience that isn’t too kitschy and won’t break the bank too badly, Mere Bulles is the place to go for the powerful business groups of Brentwood. You’ll see executives wining and dining clients with a side of the she-crab bisque, maybe a trip to the chocolate fountain, and definitely a chill glass of fruit tea. Check out their Sunday brunch if your guest stays for the weekend! The setting has an antebellum vibe, so it’s a great atmosphere to relax in.


M. Restaurant & Bar

Watch The Chef Make Your Hot Chicken & Waffles


Simple decor, but you can see the chef’s cook your meal in the open kitchen! It’s tucked away near downtown and is a great option to avoid the crowds for a business lunch. Another location bonus? You can find it at the bottom of one of our city’s most popular office space destinations in Cummins Station. The hustle and bustle of the entrepreneurial crowd will show off the city’s business boom to any out-of-town clients that needed convincing. Popular dishes include the Pan Seared Salmon, and of course, the Hot Chicken & Waffles.



Pinewood Social

A Place To See & Be Seen


Of course we HAD to mention Pinewood Social. Right next to the Trolley Barns (home of Nashville Entrepreneur Center), Pinewood is a titan of industry (and really awesome cocktails AND vintage bowling). Huge bar, coffee from local shop Crema, full food menu, a vintage bowling alley, and a pool and outdoor bar in an Airstream trailer (though we wouldn’t suggest taking a dip during that meeting, old sport). The hippest place in the 615. Gotta try the Kale Caesar Salad, Manhattan, and the Fried Broccoli!


There you have it, professionals. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us! For all your Nashville needs (food/coffee/drink suggestions, live music, happy hours, live sports, etc.), grab Wannado. We’ve got you covered.

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