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5 Things To Love About The Tennessee State Fair


“Our State Fair is a grand state fair! Don’t miss it, don’t even be late!”

For the 5% of Nashville who got that Rogers & Hammerstein reference (spoiler alert: all of them are theatre kids/people who were alive when JFK was elected, and they’re awesome), you know that the Iowa State Fair in the fictional musical “State Fair” was indeed great. But we’ll raise the stakes; our Tennessee State Fair could wipe the floor with it. We may not wear petticoats and bowler hats (well, if you’re in East Nashville you probably own one of the two) or square dance in the center of town, but our fair has got mad style and a lot of super fun things to do.

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A little background history: The Tennessee State Fair started waaaay back when in 1865, then took a little hiatus till 1906. Yeah – it’s been around since the horse and buggy was roaming the streets. Such a rich tradition! The fair is held at the Fairgrounds and opens today. If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, this is the place to go this weekend. For just 8 bucks per adult (though if you bring a purchased lottery ticket, you get two bucks off, and if you get your ticket in advance at Kroger it’s only five bucks), you can get down on some funnel cake and show your child (or your inner child) an insanely unique day in your favorite city…details HEREHere are some of the things to love about this year’s fair:

A Horse Champion Trottin’ With ‘Tude


Just look at that stunner. That’s a superstar. The Beyonce of walking horses, “I Am Jose” (much like Beyonce’s album I Am…Sasha Fierce) is the first horse since 1955 to win back to back Tennessee Walking Horse championships. So yeah, he’s kind of a big deal. He may not be a mini horse like Lil’ Sebastian, but we’d say after watching him strut his stuff at the fair our city is going to be just as enthusiastic as Amy Poehler/Leslie Knope.

A Mini American Pickers (As In, They’ll Be Kids)


Fans of American Pickers and all things adorable, you really can’t miss this. The American Picker himself, Mike Wolfe, is going to be in town one day only at the TN State Fair bringin’ the craftiness/deals with his carefully selected group of Kid Pickers. 150 successful entrants will be showing off their treasures and getting up to pitch them to the crowd. Precious kids selling some reclaimed wood toy truck with a TV star next to a pig race? Sign us up. This takes place September 7!

Celebrities Milking Cows!


Yeah, you heard that right. Maybe the three best words in the English language when put together: celebrities milking cows. Ever wanted to see Grizz of the Memphis Grizzlies compete in a cow-milking contest against Channel 4’s Adrianna Flores and Holly Thompson? Your wish is their command. We just hope Grizz is able to do it with his mascot hands.

A Beatles Cover Band


Ever wanted to dance to the sounds of John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the great outdoors? You’ll feel like it’s 1962 with the WannaBeatles, one of the top Beatles cover bands in the US. Grab a partner and break it down to “Love Me Do” to work off the sugar high from the ten thousand funnel cakes you just ate in one sitting. There’s nothing like cuttin’ a rug at the State Fair.

Thrill Rides & A Giant Wheel


Obviously for all the thrill-seekers out there, the rides are the star of the show. Just a short list of the rides they offer: Tilt-A-Whirl, Starship-Alien, Silver Streak, Yo Yo, Giant Scooter, Alpine Fun House, Euro Slide, Tomb Of Doom, Motor Cycles, Giant Wheel, and the Speedway. Bring your big boy/girl pants and get ready to riiiide, y’all!


So load up the van and head to the fair with the whole fam this weekend, Nashville. It’s going to be a blast. For all your unique Nashville experiences, grab Wannado. We’ll make sure you stay in the know on all your city has to offer!

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