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A Convo of Entrepreneurial Proportions


This is a convo. This is a convo on entrepreneurship.

Belmontians and Beyond,

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This Friday (tomorrow), the Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont will be hosting a celebration of  the vast amount of opportunities to Work, Play, and Do Good in our collective backyard and throughout the greater Nashville area. The center is bringing in entrepreneurs Steven Buhrman of Wannado, Inc., Brian Williams of Hands on Nashville, and Dave Pittman of Native magazine as panelists to come and layout Nashville’s landscape for social enterprise. These three local trailblazers will detail how to find opportunities in and around your neighborhoods, how to serve your community according to your own interests, and how their efforts and organizations are striving to help you accomplish these volunteer goals.

The format of this convo will be as follows. First, each of the panelists will introduce themselves and their organizations. Then, the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Program Director Lisa Davis will ask the panelists a few questions and moderate a discussion. Finally, we will open the floor to allow interested folks from the audience to step up and direct questions directly to the panelists. We’re planning for an invigorating discussion, so come with any questions you may have.

(P.S. – If you still need to rack up on some of your required convo hours, this event counts as Personal and Professional Growth convo. Also, considering the heavy hitters coming to play, it’ll will most likely be the most interesting convo ever. Things to consider. Check out the Facebook event, and let us know if you’re coming.)

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