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Meet Katherine Richardson, the Oil of the Wannado Engine


Sure, she looks harmless here, but wait until the awkward shows up to the party.

“I gain most of my inspiration from talking over bold and outlandish ideas of saving the world with friends. It ignites my soul like nothing else.”

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Since her days a small child consuming volumes of The Babysitters Club in nearby Columbia, TN, Katherine has always been called “Kitty” by her older sisters. When she began studying at Belmont, the nickname started college with her, and upon graduating four years later, she began embracing the moniker as her Twitter handle. Katherine can often be found spreading the joys of her feline-like hair, as well as her infallible ability of always being the one in any group of people who gets laughed at. Not surprisingly, laughing is Katherine’s default response to being awkward, feeling uncomfortable, or making others feel uncomfortable, as she has quite the knack for spreading cheer in otherwise dim situations. She also possesses the magical power of leaving bars with a bonus hat every time she strolls out after a drink or two.

Yep, there’s the awkward. Ready your giggles.

Regardless of her laughter frequency, as our resident Community Manager, Katherine is the oil of the Wannado engine. She has a big heart for Nashville — “a city with so many synergies and a common thread of genuine care and concern for others,” she says — and has been orchestrating Wannado’s outreach into Nashville’s various communities for the past few months. She loves that the Wannado app “challenges us to get out from behind the computer screen and back into the community – where people in the city are doing what they love with those they love.” When not surveying Nashville from the highest room of the tallest tower at our headquarters, she can be found spending time with her family and wandering (quite literally) around the Belmont and Hillsboro Village areas of Nashville. Katherine also regularly bobs her head to shows at The Stage downtown and contributes few correct answers to Monday night trivia at Edley’s BBQ.

P.S. – To see what Katherine gleaned about child-rearing from years of reading The Babysitters Club – and for an example of how cool she hopes her kids turn out – watch below:



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