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Allie Colleen’s “Take Up Your Arms” Featured in Sea Turtle Recovery Video


Take Up Your Arms,” a song recorded by Nashville Americana artist Allie Colleen about fighting for the good in the world has been featured in a promotional video bringing awareness to Sea Turtle Recovery, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sea turtles and providing public outreach.

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Colleen is passionate about the earth and saving our natural resources and has worked with the organization for fundraising efforts in the past. The song was co-written with Bobby Johnson and the Belmont University graduate about knowing what is right and wrong and taking responsibility for our homeland and bringing attention to those things that cannot fight for their own survival.

“The sick and injured sea turtles we care for inspire Sea Turtle Recovery with their fight, courage and desire to thrive against all odds,” Stated Brandi Biehl – Co-Executive Officer of Sea Turtle Recovery. “Allie’s song expresses this same drive by showing that if we care for each other with that same kind of conviction in our hearts then this world has a chance, endangered sea turtles and so much more have a chance!”

“My hope is that I can bring a voice to Sea Turtle Recovery’s threatened and endangered sea turtles. If we all embrace each other and this world, then there is hope,” shares Allie Colleen. “That is what our sea turtle’s inspiring stories show us everyday, and that is what we hope this song will drive us all to see in the video.”

To donate to this cause  and for more information on Sea Turtle Recovery visit current with everything Allie Colleen on her website:

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