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Best Coffee Shops in Nashville


Grab a Latte, or any fall drink, at one of our favorite coffee shops in Nashville. We rounded up the top 10 spots to get your caffeine fix!

1. Fido

fido coffee
Photo by Fido FB

In the heart of Hillsboro Village, it’s easy to see and taste why Fido has some major coffee shop longevity in Nashville. After all, it is the sister shop of Bongo Java, the oldest coffee shop in town. It’s so good and the perfect place to hang.

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Fido | 1812 21st Avenue South | Hillsboro Village

2. Crema

Crema is the cream of the crop when it comes to coffee in Nashville. They’re located a short walk up from lower Broadway and their coffee is one of the richest around. Yum.

Crema | 15 Hermitage Avenue | Nashville

3. Bongo Java

The oldest coffee shop in Nashville, Bongo Java on Belmont, recently celebrated 25 years! Their coffee is 100% organic and fair trade and they sell a lot of bags of their delicious bags of coffee beans. It’s addicting.

Bongo Java | 2007 Belmont Boulevard | Nashville

4. Frothy Monkey

Nashvillians love Frothy Monkey. They have three locations in Nashville: 12 South, The Nations, and East Nashville. Their 12 South location, pictured above, is smaller with cozy, porch vibes. Their other two locations are larger but they serve the same great coffee.

Frothy Monkey | Three Locations: 12 South, The Nations, East Nashville

5. Dose


Dose has two locations in Nashville: Sylvan Park and East Nashville. They serve up delicious varieties of Counter Culture Coffee as well as daily homemade baked goods. Dose has been celebrating their 10th anniversary in Nashville this year! Go celebrate with a cup of Joe.

Dose | Two locations: Sylvan Park and East Nashville

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