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Charcoal Cowboys BBQ Closes


Charcoal Cowboys BBQ has closed but will continue its catering services.

The bbq joint, located at 6917 Lenox Village Drive, shared the news via Facebook.

“We will continue with our catering business and we will continue to fulfill all of our event obligations,” shared Pitmaster/Owner Ken Wood. “We expect to continue to grow the Charcoal Cowboy Brand in the future.”

They continued, “We have truly appreciated the love and support provided to our family over the last 2 years and we are grateful for the lasting friendships and all the great employees that have become part of our family.”

About Charcoal Cowboys BBQ entered their first BBQ contest back in 2007 and that’s all it took, they were hooked. They spent the next 10 years competing on the BBQ Circuit accumulating their fair share of awards and trophies along the way.

But it was that first perfect score in the Brisket category that really took it to the next level. That perfect score lead to 3 appearances on the TV show BBQ Pitmasters where they won the Memphis Challenge and finished in the top 5 overall in Season 6. They were invited back the next year to compete in the BBQ Pitmasters All-Stars season. The perfect brisket score was subsequently followed by a perfect score in pork and then a perfect score in ribs.

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