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Charlie Worsham Enlists Friends for Latest Cover Challenge


Charlie Worsham wowed us with his latest video on Facebook.

Worsham revived his cover challenge where he plays all of the instruments for a song, but this time he added a few friends.

Worsham shared via Facebook, “a fan suggested this song, and I couldn’t shake the idea of reviving my old cover challenge series, in which I’d play all the instruments to a cover song alone at home. Only this time, it seemed a unique opportunity to use social distancing for what is essentially a social project – do a cover challenge but enlist my friends. My great hope is that this song and video will make people smile and perhaps inspire.

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Some of the friends included in the video are Lucie Silvas, John Osborne, Leigh Nash, and more. See the full list below.

Charlie Worsham – acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, drums, tambourine, vocals

Billy Justineau – piano, b3, prophet, mellotron
Molly Tuttle – acoustic guitar
Rachel Loy – bass
Jillian Jacqueline – vocals
Tucker Wilson – drums
Stephen Wilson, Jr – vocals
Leigh Nash – vocals
Fancy Hagood – vocals
Lucie Silvas – vocals
John Osborne – electric guitar
Sadler Vaden – electric guitar

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