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Drink Beer and Geek Out with Your Favorite Pixar Films


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Don’t even pretend that you aren’t still afraid of Sid, Toy Story’s resident bad guy. We shudder at the thought of his skull shirt and wicked laugh…not to mention that baby doll head with the robot spider legs…

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It’s true, we all get a little giddy and nostalgic when we think about our favorite Pixar films. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited about Adventure Science Center’s Way Late Play Date: Pixar. It’s the perfect chance to embrace the kid in you with all the perks of an adults-only Nashville night out.

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Here are four reasons to get your tickets now for this crazy-fun, interactive evening featuring great local beer, wine, pop culture, and the science behind your favorite Pixar films.


Revisit a simpler time…

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Remember when you’d build a fort out of your superhero bedsheets and your mom would deliver some EZ Mac while you watched Buzz and Woody? You can relive those simpler, more whimsical times with interactive exhibits that feature some of Pixar’s coolest creations. You’ll have a chance to make a housefly with balloons just like Up’s Carl, touch live ocean animals that could’ve lived in Nemo’s reef, see a replica of Wall-E, along with other exhibits and live demonstrations.


…In a grown up way.

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Our moms only served Capri Sun with our EZ Mac, but Way Late Play Date features delicious grown-up food and beverage options. Included with the admission price are three drink tickets, good for wine, soda or beer from local breweries Jackalope and Mayday. Food trucks King Tut’s and Steaming Goat will satisfy any cravings and pair perfectly with cold brews and throwback fun. Just don’t expect them to deliver it to your blanket fort.


Bonus Features

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Hypericon is going to host a costume contest, so knock out a few pushups before you put on your Mr. Incredible bodysuit (if you want to take the evening in that direction).

Plus, even though you’re going for all the Pixar fun, you still get all the other great features of Adventure Science Center! Sudekum Planetarium is the go-to place to explore constellations, planets and other celestial bodies visible in the Nashville sky.


Big Kids Only

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Let’s face it, these days we only get to experience these classic movies with our kids or young siblings, but adults want to experience the wonder too. Remember how amazed you were when you first saw a Pixar movie? Just imagine how perfect it will be to experience it hands-on with ample booze and without parental supervision (or kids running around). This event is 21 and up, so you get to act like a kid again and leave the rest to the sitters. #winning

Invite a friend who is the Ellie to your Carl, and get your tickets now — limited quantities remain!


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