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Sing and Get Spiritually Lifted at OZ Arts Nashville


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The most memorable cultural experiences have a way of blurring the line between spectator and participant, audience and performer. (Remember that time you showed up at Comic-Con in full Green Lantern regalia? It was awesome because YOU made it awesome.) 

The point is that performance art is often at its best when EVERYONE is part of the show. This is the genius of the upcoming OZ Arts performance, Clear and Sweet. The two-night Nashville production is a chance to immerse yourself in word-class dance, visual design and social singing that will leave you spiritually lifted.

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Here are three reasons you don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind cultural experience.


Choreography you can feel.

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Choreographer Zoe Scofield delivers a uniquely visceral style of contemporary dance that expresses feelings and moods we can all relate to as human beings. (Except hangry. There are no dance moves for hangry.) 


Visual design that speaks to the heart.

clear and sweet - visual effects

Juniper Shuey delivers captivating videography, lighting and visual effects that embody the mood and movement of the performance. The result is a masterful interplay of sounds and sights that speak to the human quest for grace and redemption. 


Social singing that unifies & inspires.

longfellow quote - universal language

We all know music is a universal language, and Clear and Sweet proves the unifying power of singing together. The production incorporates a style of social singing called shape-note singing, which originated in the early 1800s as a way to teach sacred music. Now it is used to bring people together from all backgrounds through audience-powered a cappella harmonies that will rival your favorite scenes in Pitch Perfect (or Sister Act, for that matter). 

Grab your tickets now to OZ Arts’ spectacular presentation of zoe | juniper’s Clear and Sweet, September 14 and 15 at 8:00pm. We’ll see you there!


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