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Nashville Eclipse “Pregame” Festivities Kickoff Saturday


By now you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that this Eclipse thing is big deal. Not to put too much pressure on you, but this is likely going to be the most cosmically significant 1 min 57 sec of your life. You need to seize the moment, properly prepare and pregame.

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The good news is Adventure Science Center is hosting a 3 Day Music City Eclipse Festival to help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. (Think Woodstock but with a once-in-a-lifetime celestial phenomenon and less nudity).

Here’s what you should know about the amazing pregame festivities on Saturday and Sunday and FREE day-of outdoor viewing party. 



Geek Out All Weekend (22)

Face it, the only science experiment you know how to do is dropping a few Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke. The Eclipse festival will keep you learning and entertained with dozens of fun, super geeky activities including: 3D printing experiments, meeting and getting an autograph from a real NASA astronaut,  making your own drone (because why not?), and much more! 


Nashville Worthy Entertainment (23)

Enjoy the musical stylings of acts like Abby and the Soulcatchers (a local band bringing the Motown and blues sound) to perennial favorite The Wannabeatles (get it? The WANNA Beatles? Cause, you know, they’re a Beatles cover band) and several other incredible acts.

Click here to see the complete outdoor entertainment guide.


Good Eats (24)

Even if you’re new to the South, you’ve learned by now that occasions like this typically involve enough food to raise the entire city’s BMI by a few points. To that end, the folks at ASC have guaranteed your noshing needs will be well met.

Here’s the hit list of food trucks:

A Little Italian

Bacon Nation (Saturday only)

Boheme’s Banana Boat


Cousins Maine Lobster (Sunday only)

Daddy’s Dogs

Doxie’s Pizza

Hibachi 4 Hire

King of Pops (Saturday & Sunday only)

Kona Ice

Mojo Cookie Dough and Creamery

Road House Grille Food Truck (Saturday only)

Shackalicious (Sunday only)

Steaming Goat


Grab your tickets now to the festivities on Saturday or Sunday and enjoy all the outdoor entertainment, food and hands-on fun you can handle. When Monday rolls around, you’ll be primed and ready to take in Nashville’s biggest event of the year! 



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