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Free Tax Prep Program Kicks Off Across Middle Tennessee


United Way of Greater Nashville has officially launched the 17th annual Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) free tax prep program.

Through VITA, IRS-certified tax preparers offer free tax preparation services to individuals and families who earned $66,000 or less per household in 2020, helping qualifying individuals receive important credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Child Tax Credit (CTC) that lift millions out of poverty each year.

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Visit to learn more about the ways to file:

  • File online with an IRS-certified tax preparer doing the work.
  • Self-file using United Way’s file free platform.
  • Call 615.830.7940to schedule an in-person tax preparation appointment.

Last year, United Way and the VITA Free Tax Prep Program completed over 10,000 tax returns, helped taxpayers save more than $2.7 million in tax preparation fees and brought more than $13.5 million in federal refunds back to the community—all with the help of IRS-certified tax preparers.

“The average taxpayer spends $300 to have their taxes prepared each year,” saidBrian Hassett, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Nashville.“$300 means a lot to a family who is living on the edge—especially to those who have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay rent or their mortgage. It means paying their utility bills, putting food on the table or buying warm clothes for their kids during the winter months.”

Visit or call United Way’s 211 Helpline to get started.

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