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Harpeth Conservancy Offers Lessons on the River


On Saturday, June 13 Harpeth Conservancy will kick off the summer with its first Lessons on the River of the year at Edwin Warner Park.

Lessons on the River is a fun, hands-on educational experience for people interested in clean water and healthy rivers. These events will occur once a month and will explore a diverse range of topics related to local rivers.

Harpeth Conservancy is hosting its first Lessons on the River on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at Edwin Warner Park at Shelter #6, 50 Vaugh Rd., Nashville, TN 37221.

Experts will be onsite to educate people about the topics of each event, as well as representatives from Harpeth Conservancy to explain why the topics are relevant to the Harpeth Conservancy’s work. The goal of these events is for people to gain new knowledge, a desire to help, and basic information about how to make a difference in the areas discussed.

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The June 13th event will occur on the banks of the Little Harpeth and will have interactive river activities to educate attendees about the creatures in our local rivers and water science. Participants will be able to learn about water quality testing, see some of the many creatures that live in our rivers, and play a fun game of River Bingo to win exciting prizes. This event is great for all ages and is free and open to the public. Anyone that is interested in attending should register for the event through the Harpeth Conservancy calendar at

Sponsors of the event include Barbara J. Mapp Foundation, 1 Mississippi, Predators Foundation, Colonial Pipeline, and Tennessee Valley Authority.

This event will practice COVID-19 safety protocols including physical distancing of participants. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. Harpeth Conservancy staff will be wearing masks and will ask participants to stay at least 6 feet apart in designated areas. All materials will be provided and cleaned between uses. Given these guidelines, the event is split into two, 2-hour sessions and the number of participants is limited to 50 per session.

Session #1 9 am-11 am: Registration

Session #2 11 am-1 pm: Registration

This Lessons on the River will be a great, family-friendly event where people can safely get outside and learn about our local rivers. There will be information available about other Harpeth Conservancy programs and events, ways to be a Citizen Scientist, and at-home steps for protecting our rivers and environment.

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