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Here’s How To Have An Active Tuesday In Nashville


Let’s get physical.

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Even if your signature run is more Phoebe Buffay than Usain Bolt, sometimes it’s important to just run, sweat it out, and show yourself what you’re made of. Lucky for us, it’s been a gloriously mild summer in Nashville, which has lead many Nashvillians to the great outdoors to get in their summer workouts. These days, there are SO many workout options it can feel overwhelming: crossfit, hiking, parkour, zumba, hot yoga, pilates, trampoline dodgeball; just when we think we’ve seen it all, some thirty-something in California creates a workout to tone muscles you didn’t even think you had. To help you figure out how to get your summer workout in, we thought we’d outline some of the workout options you have in Nashville today:

Sand Volleyball

Centennial Park


Join Team Green Adventure for a pickup game of sand volleyball at Centennial Park! You can show up at anytime, so no worries if you’re commute is stupid long – just join in when you arrive. There’s a court for beginners and a court for competitors to make sure you don’t get owned too badly by the devastating serve of a girl who played in college (or, if you’re that girl, so you don’t feel bad for hitting someone in the face). Win win! Details HERE in Wannado.

Beginner Mountain Biking

Percy Warner Park

Image courtesy of Katherine Fuller
Image courtesy of Katherine Fuller

Wheels up, y’all! Another wonderfully active event from Team Green (psst – if you don’t know what they’re all about, check this out) is coming at you tonight. The cream of the crop when it comes to East Nashville trails, the Percy Warner Park paths are ideal for some beginner mountain biking. So bring your wheels, your sense of adventure, and your lycra (though not necessarily required) – it’s going to be a fun meetup!

Yoga In The Park

Centennial Park

Image courtesy of Iron Lotus Yoga
Image courtesy of Iron Lotus Yoga

So if you haven’t gotten it by now, we’ll just say it: Team Green is OWNING when it comes to outdoor summer activities. Here’s another one, and you’re gonna love it. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of your Tuesday and get chill, y’all: this FREE outdoor yoga will have you AND your checkbook saying “namaste”. An awesome group of yogis from all over the city come to this communal Tuesday workout, so you’ll probably see someone you know. Bring a mat, go barefoot, and take a deep breath.

Quest Fitness Series

Mountain High Outfitters


You might be the kind of person who can run on the elliptical for two hours. Three cheers for you! If you’re not (like most of the population), this could be the workout for you. Quest Fitness Series is just that – a series of workouts that are rotated around so you don’t stay on one thing too long. This way you have an end in sight and your inner monologue won’t wander into “I’m leaving so I can go lay on the floor and forget this ever happened because this searing pain in my thighs will never end” territory. Body weight/resistance training, kickboxing, and cardio! You’ll feel so accomplished. And after your workout, treat yourself! They’ll have nutrition bars and a gift card drawing from Whole Foods and items from Uncle’s Barbershop, Posh, Babe Beauty Bar, and Jamba Juice.

So get out there and get active, Nashville. We’ll see you at the park! For all your outdoor activities, happy hours, kids/family events, live music and more, download Wannado (for free!). We’ve got you covered.

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