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Happy Birthday, Frothy Monkey! 3 Reasons The Coffee Shop Is A Local Fave


Frothy Monkey is celebrating, y’all.

Spoiler alert: We’re birthday people. There’s just something about taking some time to annually reflect on another milestone year and be thankful for all we have. Oh, and we really love birthday cake. We also love to celebrate other people’s birthdays, and who better to celebrate than everyone’s favorite coffee hangout? Frothy Monkey is a local gem, and locals and tourists alike know that this is the place to get a quality cup of joe. With patrons ranging from T-Swizzles to the case of Nashville (who we’re convinced live there when they aren’t actually on camera), Frothy is popular with tastemakers and the Nashville faithful. They’re celebrating TEN YEARS today with a killer birthday party (obviously) – from 3PM to 9PM, you can enjoy a latte art throwdown (#turndown4what), live music from Lucas Carpenter, Grant Geertsma, Michael Logan & more, beer, coffee, cake, and cornhole. OH YEAH. For a little pre-celebration celebration, we thought we’d tell you some of our reasons for lovin’ Frothy Monkey:

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The Pours.


What heaven, that first taste. Fair trade coffee drinks made with the same amount of affection your mom put into your brown bag lunches, these pours are crafted with careful execution and some TLC (the acronym, not the girl group). Tip: you should ask your favorite barista to whip up a signature drink (or at least their favorite) – they’ll have a go-to brew that you’re bound to love. But they aren’t a one trick pony – this year we’ve seen beer and wine added to the menu, and there’s nothing like kicking back with a Duck Rabbit Milk Stout (you have to try it) after your second cup of coffee has made you to jittery to answer the million emails you have to send before 7PM. Best of both worlds!

The Porch.

Image courtesy of Styling By Erica
Image courtesy of Styling By Erica

You’ll be whistling “On The Sunny Side Of The Street” when you walk up to the gorgeous wrap-around porch and outdoor seating that Frothy monkey has to offer. Driving by as you look for a place to park (good luck) is like the scene in Father Of The Bride where Steve Martin takes a leisurely cruise through his neighborhood while “Give Me The Simple Life” plays. Summary: you’ll hear a sweet melody playin’ in your head when you soak up the sun on the porch. There are dogs chillin’, community groups meetin’, hipsters album-plannin’, and babies gigglin’. Too much joy, y’all. Too much!

The People.

Image courtesy of @FrothyMonkey
Image courtesy of @FrothyMonkey

Having a less-than-stellar day? Not anymore. Put your order in at Frothy Monkey, and you won’t be able to stop smilin’. The baristas/staff are probably the friendliest folks around, and we’re glad they act as Nashville coffee ambassadors to all the visitors our city encounters. What a first impression! They aren’t just a staff , they’re a family – and it shows! So order your iced coffee and royale sandwich with a side of solid conversation, and take note of how these people do community. They’re really good at it.


So let them eat cake, Nashville! And we suggest you head to 12 South Frothy Monkey and get yourself some too. We’ll see you out there, and make sure you grab Wannado to connect to all the local things you love!

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