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How to Celebrate Earth Day


It’s the 50th celebration of Earth Day.

This year, Earth Day will be celebrated virtually as we shelter at home. Earth Day 2020 brings together an all-day celebration online with a collection of voices including Zac Efron, Van Jones, Al Gore, Krya Sedgwick and more to voice their support of the planet. You can find them all live all day on the Earth Day page here.

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Looking for ways to celebrate at home. Here five activities to do with the kids in celebration of Earth Day.

Pick up Trash

Grab a pair of gloves and head out to help clean up. The Harpeth River Conservancy holds restoration projects each year. Find more info here. 

Plant a Tree

Plant a tree. Trees help with soil erosion and carbon emissions. Since we are all home right now, you can also plan a garden for the summer.

Learn How to Reduce Your Footprint

Approximately $218 billion is spent on growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food never eaten. Sit down with your family to plan your meals, freeze or preserve your foods, move older products in your refrigerator to the front. Find more tips at

Build a Birdhouse or Bird Feeder

Use an old milk jug or a cardboard box to create a bird feeder. Find the instructions for building the perfect birdhouse here.

Learn More about the Environment

Tennessee Department of Environmental and Conservation has created an educational package with activities to complete at home. Find more information here. 

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