Monday, May 27, 2024
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Learn About Nashvitality (& Then Go On A Walk With The Mayor)


Nashville’s gettin’ healthy, y’all.

It’s no secret that healthy living is an important factor in maintaining a sustainable and thriving city. For Nashvillians and all the people that love Music City, it is so important to keep striving for fresh produce and alternative/active transportation. Luckily, we have a mayor that is all about it!

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Mayor Karl Dean wants you to go on a walk with him tonight at Bells Bend Park as a part of the Nashvitality movement (details here), a campaign that encourages an active lifestyle. It’s already made its mark on the city, from sidewalks to greenways to new community centers. Here’s a campaign video to keep you in the know, and make sure you head out to Bells Bend tonight to get some face time with those who are working hard to keep Nashville moving in a healthy direction! For all your active Nashville adventures, grab Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

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