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Nashville “Wings” Muralist Makes New Franklin Mural


Kelsey Montague, the artist who created the iconic  “Wings” mural in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood has completed a new mural in Franklin at McEwen Northside.

Completed Monday morning, the new interactive mural is located on the side of Vintage Vine 100 at Northside McEwen facing North Italia, 4051 Aspen Grove Drive, Franklin.

Unlike the wings or balloon murals typical of Montague, this one consists of three colorful kites on a green background. In the left corner is has #McEwenNorth, #WhatLiftsYou, and @KelseyMontague.

Montague gained notoriety when she first painted white wings on a black wall in New York City where Taylor Swift took a photograph. From there, she’s painted murals all over the country including a commissioned piece for Taylor Swift in Nashville back in 2019 for an album release.

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Montague shared via Instagram, “Another mural I’ve wanted to do for a long time is now finished!! Located at @mcewennorthside”

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