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Plant-Based Restaurant Copper Branch Opens in Nashville


Copper Branch, the largest plant-based restaurant chain in the world, has come to Tennessee, having now opened its second U.S. location and its first in the vibrant capitol of Nashville at 601 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee in the heart of downtown by the side of Nashville’s Public Library on Feb. 8.

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Copper Branch operates over 40 locations around the world, including Canada and Western Europe and has continued plans for expansion, following in the growing need and trend of wholesome, plant-based foods within the fast-casual restaurant space.

Trish Paterson, CEO of Copper Branch, states “we are thrilled to be a part of Nashville’s emerging vegan scene – serving healthy, great tasting vegan options to the people of Nashville.  We bring a diversified, exFacciting approach to plant-based eating and we are extremely excited and grateful to be welcoming Charles and Carmen to our Copper Branch family.”

What sets Copper Branch apart from other quick service plant-based restaurants is its commitment to both familiar fare as well as unique global recipes that diners can only get at Copper Branch. As with all Copper Branch stores, the Church Street location will cater to those on-the-go featuring an all-day breakfast and an all-encompassing menu that includes power bowls, burgers and sandwiches, soups and chili, and power smoothies. The entire menu is whole food plant-based, with many non-GMO, organic, specialty and naturally gluten-free foods.

Franchisees, Spring Hill residents, Charles and Carmen Spence are the passionate franchise owners and operators of the upcoming Church Street location. Embracing a plant-based diet back since 2012, the couple states “we are excited about the opportunity to help the Nashville community feel and live their best possible life through a whole food, plant-based nutrition that tastes great and that is good for you and our planet. We are also extremely excited about our partnership with the Nashville Public Library Foundation, which has welcomed us as a new tenant and has been a great supporter of our venture. I could not ask for a better partner as we bring this exciting concept to Nashville.”

Although the entire Copper Branch menu is vegan, the company has found that many of its customers are flexitarians looking to eat and enjoy more plant-based foods in their diet and who want to replicate the delicious foods they currently enjoy but in a healthier, more ethical way. “This is food I’m proud to have my children eat!” adds Mr. Infantino.

Hours of operation are Sunday- Thursday, 11 am – 7 pm, Friday, 11 am – 8 pm, and Saturday, 1 am – 8 pm.

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