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Reach Your New Year’s Fitness Goals With a Home Pool


With New Year’s around the corner, many of us make a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. The New Year is a great time to reset and create ways to fit exercise into our daily lives. One of the best forms of exercise is aquatic exercise. Aquatic exercise is a way to get a full-body workout in a fun environment. By adding a pool to your property, you always have access to your “gym” and you have a beautiful pool for entertaining.

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Peek Pools and Spas in Spring Hill can create a custom pool for your yard, perfect for exercise and recreation!

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise


Swimming is a strength builder! This is because as you move in the water, all of your motions move against the resistance of the water, helping you build strength. When you are working against the resistance of the water, then your muscles are going to develop and grow to be a lot stronger.

Easy on Joints

If you have joint pain, aquatic exercise is great because it is easier on the joints than other types of exercise. Whether you are injured/recovering from an injury, suffer from chronic pain or even pregnant, you can move in the water comfortably. Therefore, if you are not able to ride on a bike, lift weights, or go for a jog, try aquatic exercises. Whether its swimming laps or doing some simple exercises like leg lifts, aquatic exercise can help get you moving.


Flexibility is so important, especially the older we get. Poor flexibility can lead to reduced balance and coordination, but exercising in the water is a great way to enhance your range of motion. You are able to move differently in water than compared to the way that you move on land, so you can really work on improving flexibility.

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